Let Your Love Light Shine

By Anastasia: When the Light of the world was born over 2000 years ago, our planet was changed forever. This bright light brought us Peace, Joy, Faith and Love. If these beautiful gifts were given, then why are we not seeing these physical actions or emotional states played out in our daily life? I believe this is all about choice. IF the teachings of the ancient churches from all traditions are intact, it stands to reason that free will seems to be the hang up.

IF we truly want to love and bring joy and peace to our lives and the lives of others around us, we must choose to do so day by day, week by week, year by year… Imagine this, true peace on earth just like that night when the light of the world was given. 


Everything is choice. Regardless if you are in deep pain or suffering a great loss. How you choose to look at your circumstance is going to determine the outcome of your life. You get to choose your path. If your path was chosen for you by your family of origin and this path does not resonate with your personal soul plan then get moving on that and make some changes.

This is not a western thought or teaching this is a heart centered call to action that only your free will can uncover. What we forget in our busy days is that the Christ Consciousness is alive today just as it was back in the ancient times. The meaning of the word Christ is as Etymology. Christ comes from the Greek word χριστός (chrīstós), meaning “anointed one”. The word is derived from the Greek verb χρίω (chrī́ō), meaning “to anoint.” In the Greek Septuagint, christos was used to translate the Hebrew מָשִׁיחַ (Mašíaḥ, messiah), meaning “[one who is] anointed”.

I was raised Catholic and converted to Greek Orthodoxy many moons ago.

All the while, studying the ancient wisdom of other religions while seeking divine guidance along the way. I have come to conclude that we are One body of people and the only thing that separates us are our beliefs and traditions.

My father rest his soul and gave me a beautiful teaching when I was only 5 years old. He leaned down during a latin mass and said to me these words… “No matter what GOD always loves you and there is nothing you can do to be separate from that love.”

I remember this clearly. This seared in my soul as truth and those words have kept me safe my entire life. 

The Christ light I am speaking about is in all of us. And, it’s up to us to activate it on a daily basis so we can see clearly the path ahead. This light has a name and it is called Love.

Words get in the way of the universal truth of love. Teachings get in the way of love. Love is an action word. Love is a sense and knowing of connection and oneness a closeness and sometimes a discipline. Sometimes love hurts and is painful but that is for a different article all together. The topic at hand and questions I have to you dear empathic soul readers is this… How do you feel loved? How do you give love? Are you willing to receive unconditional love? Is love a feeling a sense or a knowing? Do you have an expectation around being loved?

Do you withhold love? Are you afraid to be loved?

The Best news is this… You are love… pure love and light and you shine all over the place when you take this in and believe it!  Years ago when I studied with Michael Beckwith of the Agape church I kept hearing him say… “You are an energetic vibration of love, when are you going to embrace this?”

I took that to heart… Did it occur to you that you can embrace this too? DO you want to be that for yourself and your family? Let’s recall this passage incase you have forgotten or never read this before:

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.”  (1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

Sometimes there is a soft knowing in our minds eye or a sense of realization in our soul. The shift from dark to light can be so spontaneous you might feel a warm glow all around you. While other times the light comes in a way of pain and suffering… Love teaches us to respect ourselves and keep recreating this energy by accepting the gift of unconditional love. When we can give this to ourselves though forgiveness and compassion then we are equipped to give this to others.

One of the reasons people cannot feel love is that they were not shown they have to give this love to themselves first so they have enough to give  to others. How does one do this you ask. The short answer is prayer and meditation. Time alone in quiet reflection daily. This gives you some space to unwind the moments that may have upset you or brought you disruption in your day. Also reflection on the goodness and peaceful moments of the day are equally important. This is where you can drink in your measured moments of time and have gratitude for gifts of connection and abundance.

All of these thoughts and processes bring about measurements of love in action. Letting go of unwanted patterns and drawing in the ones that serve you. Allowing the light in is what the Holy Mother of Christ did for us when she had this little baby named Jesus in that very stark and cold manger. She trusts the angel that came to her saying you are with child and you will have the savior of this world in your womb. Can you do this?

What if she did not choose the light or receive this angel’s wisdom or query?

I would shudder to think what condition the world would be in…

You see this act of the rebirth of LOVE again and again is all we can do to keep our planet grounded and moving forward in faith and hope for a better day, a better life, a better understanding on how to love ourselves more fully more wholly and in turn love each other more deeply.

Let us not forget that Jesus was one of the first channels on the planet . HE channels the love of God the LIGHT of God and the Holy Spirit of GOD…

Can you imagine that! Let that sink in dear readers!

So if he could do this through divine acceptance and the willingness to say yes to the calling to love we can too! 

And look what we get to do here on this amazing planet called earth…

We get to be channels too. When we allow the divine light to come through us we can make a difference in the life around us! Each of us heals another even if we can’t see it. Just our presence is healing for one another if we are choosing to do so by our unconditional love for ourselves this spills out all over others who come in our path.

In conclusion, my hope and prayer is that you can find compassion for yourself as we rap up this very long and tedious year of 2020. We can light up the world with our self love and shine on others through our actions of selfless love and attention to detail called kindness, peace and patience.

Let the Joy you have been given shine for all to see this is the light that illumines the world.  Peace for the days ahead… 


Love and Light,


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