Lenten Season Message: Don’t Give Up

By Pauline: Do you ever feel like giving up on all things spiritual or anything else in this lifetime for that matter? It can be hard going, especially in this day and age, all I can say is don’t… Don’t give up.

With all the new beginning happening around us, the many changes globally, galactically, physically, cellular level and so forth, it feels like we are being, bombarded from all directions, and of course we are!! We need to know just to hang on and weather the storms. Things will do a positive turnaround.

pauline3 We will be rid of the anger and aggression in the world and within ourselves we have to believe. When things do get too much we have to remember to ask for the help, no we do not have to carry the burden by ourselves if we feel that it is getting too heavy.

Ask The Divine Energy, the God of your choice, Angels, and Saints your favorite physic or healer whoever and whatever you are comfortable with, when you feel nothing but despair, call in Mother Mary and the Angels to help you with all situations and allow yourself to feel the loving energy from her arms and their wings around you. Don’t give up.

I have animals that I love and care for. Sometimes things can go a little haywire, so I am forever calling on St. Francis of Assisi to help out in lots of situations. Sometimes I feel maybe I call on him a little too much, but, he never seems to let me down. Whether it is helping me to round up wayward chooks and chickens or herding in the geese to their shelter for the night safe from the foxes or pushing from behind while I am pulling at the front trying to encourage Coco and Levi [my miniature horses] to go up towards the farrier for their monthly pedicure. I trust St. Francis is always around to help me with my two and four legged animals.

As Easter is upon us, it is a good time to get rid of the fears and all anxieties that we hold on to, ask for the help to rid ourselves of these limiting energies and to start afresh with the time of Christ’s Resurrection. I personally see Easter as a time of endings, finishing off with things and situations that no longer serve us, to make way for the new beginnings that are there for us, looking at things with fresh eyes and hearts and trusting so, don’t give up.

My wish for everyone this Easter is time to reflect and plan for all good things.


Have a lovely Easter with much love and light to you all,


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