St. Joan Of Arc

By Pauline: A few weeks ago I had the most wonderful experiences, I had the opportunity to visit the site in Rouen, France where it is claimed St. Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake, murdered in a most terrible way. It started me to question, as I walked around this special garden space which I might add had the feeling of so much peace and calmness now, even though I could see and hear the energy from that time so long ago. The question I am asking is, has much changed since then for those of us who do God’s work now?

pauline3 For all the good Joan wanted to do in her lifetime, a life cut short by those who did not understand, those who wanted the power and control of the masses, those who used religion in the most negative way, those who feared the unknown, those who judged without knowing, those who’s egos were so full of anger and aggression and a lust for blood and war. It seems St. Joan and many; many others who speak with the voice of God and the Angels in their being have been persecuted over the centuries.

Again, I wonder has much changed for all of us who do God and the Angels work, the Mediums the Psychics the Shamans and all of us under the heading Spiritual Light Worker. We get judged we get put down by those who still do not understand, sometimes we are dammed if we do and dammed if we don’t.

My understanding of the Light workers’ intention for the work we do is to be there to help others so that they have the opportunity to make their life and their life decisions the best they can be and for their positive growth in this lifetime.
I have witnessed the love and reverence the French people have for their Patron Saint. It is wonderful to see and to hear them talk about St. Joan. The homage to her is everywhere to be seen, it is most uplifting and good to know it wasn’t a life wasted, cut short by small minded people, maybe she didn’t die for nothing and her message to human mankind got through after all.
I pray to her to help us let go of all the anger and aggression in this world today.

I know from personal experience she will always have your back in any battle you may be coping with in your life, if things get a little too hard just call her in to help and see and feel her standing back to back with you. St. Joan and her sword are most powerful, think of the strength she had to endure all that she did all those centuries ago. Let her pass some of that strength on to you.


With Blessings,


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