Angels : My Observations And Experiences With Them

By Pauline: In my many years working with the angelic realm, I have come to respect and appreciate very deeply the Angels’ undying and unconditional love for each and every one of us. Their willingness to walk beside us during our life time/ times, on this planet and beyond is amazing.

I have been privileged over the years to see and hear and work with many angels in all their different forms, Arch Angels, Guardian Angels, Warrior Angels, Teaching and Guiding Angels.

pauline3 Angels that walk in the halls of healing, Angels that work in the nurseries on the other side tending to the spirit of the stillborn babies, the battered and unwanted babies (knowing these souls agreed to the experience before they incarnated or re-incarnated) still makes me sad, but to see and feel the pure love these special Angels have for their charges fills me with joy.

I have also met many earth Angels over the years,the people who work with drug addicts and alcoholics and troubled youth, our Paramedics, Police Force and Firefighters and some everyday people that are just passing through our lives for the briefest of moments. just to name a few. I have seen Angels when it is time for them to accompany one of their own back to the other side, how wonderful is that.

Angels don’t want to just sit on clouds floating around the universe, they want us to call them in to help guide us in the right direction in life and to be the best we can be, an Angel’s intent where we are concerned is always a pure loving intent you just need to invite them in.

We all come from the Divine Energy
So when you are ready to connect with your angels, sit quietly, ask for the white light of protection to surround you have soft music playing in the background, the music helps to lift the loving vibrations and where possible maybe have a candle burning. Take some nice deep breaths, relax, then invite your angels to come closer to you, allow yourself to see, feel and hear the angels communicating with you.

When you feel you have experienced enough for one meditation, take a couple more deep breaths relaxing and being made aware of your surroundings just gently open your eyes. Give thanks to your angels and know you have been blessed and safe.

Give it a try you won’t be disappointed.


This is shared with much Love, Light and Blessings,


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