Learning To Accept Who We Are

By Moira: When you feel stuck and overwhelmed, it is almost impossible to exert more effort to change the situation. Willpower alone cannot bring you the success you dream of. So, when your willpower falters and you quit the self-care routine or the routine that was helping you “keep it together” at work or at home – what’s next?

You intuitively KNOW that a better way is possible, and you likely know all of the things you ‘should’ be doing – but you still end up feeling stuck, exhausted and not achieving the income levels and success that seems beyond your grasp.

1moira2 There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with you! You just need a different approach in your relationship with YOU! Getting you to feel better about yourself is crucial to getting you unstuck and moving forward so that you not only feel connected to your Divine Essence, but you feel that you in fact DO have a purpose and a mission in this life. It makes a massive difference in this world when you can feel on target with what you want to accomplish and experience.

When we don’t accept who we are in this world or even get a sense of what the gifts we bring are; we can lose a sense of direction or purpose in life – this makes for a lifestyle that seems cold, harsh, and all about struggling with a burden – the burden of not ‘fitting in’, feeling lonely, like everyone else is successful and we are not – that we must have pissed God off to have inherited a life like the one we find ourselves stuck in.

Mental chatter often occurs as a result of feeling cut off from your own Divinity – getting stuck into critical thinking. Feeling like people are judging all aspects of you – like no matter what you do – you’ll never be successful or achieve the life that just seems like such an unrealistic dream.

I’ve been there – I left home at age 18 to join a cult (perhaps thinking that this would give me some sense of self!) which I stayed in for almost two years. Trapped in a very critical and controlling environment, I gave all my personal power away – until I came to the realization that if I did not start tapping into my own inner wisdom and trusting myself, I was not ever going to figure out who I am or what I wanted to be when I grew up!

It took all those years feeling like there was something wrong with me and that I had to work harder at fitting in, being accepted and valued. When I FINALLY discovered that what was missing for me was something inside rather than outside of me.

You see, when you can learn to understand what the messages are behind your yearnings for meaning and fulfillment and start to decipher the wisdom – you will be able to craft sacred self-care practices that will allow you to create all of the successes that you can possibly conceive of… this will allow you to truly make the difference that you are here to make.

I start by helping you feel recognized and seen for the whole person you are. Then, together, we bring that whispering of a dream – the original blueprint for your life experience into the conversation – then we create a road-map of the steps required to move through the journey one step at a time. This is a journey that cannot be made alone – just being willing to make the first step is often the best way to start.

I help you develop the tools and practices in the ideal way for YOU – this is not just a case of you learning some rote principles and doing what I say… my intent is to teach you to access that deep inner wisdom that you’ve not been listening to and allowing you to develop your own felt sense of what your inner murmurings are all about so you can create your amazing prosperous, peaceful and inspiring life.


Love and Light,


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