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By Farrah-H: We are hearing a lot about people being awake. More and more talk about those who are awake. Or people who are going through an awakening. Is it a sign of the times? Are we transitioning into the age of Aquarius and have been doing so for the past 50 years but are simply unaware? What do we know about being awake and how does it impact our lives and the world? I will answer all questions and show you the signs so you can clearly understand what it means, and learn the signs for yourself.

I would like to begin with a quote. That for me explains perfectly what a spiritual awakening means. “Awakening means you’ve come home to yourself, that consciousness shifted back to its original nature.”- Maria Erving

1farrah2 We go through cycles in this world that the ancient Mayans kept a perfect record of. Now there is an astronomical ‘clock’ or time line found in a specific geometric relationship between our planet Earth, the solar system, and our galaxy—an astrophysical event occurring now, within Earth’s 25,000 year, processional cycle. We are at what I call the very end of the Cycle transitioning into the Golden age, also known as the age of Aquarius.

Every 2150 years, our sun’s position at the time of the March equinox shifts in front of a new Zodiac constellation. The Age of Aquarius begins when the March equinox point moves out of the constellation Pisces and into the constellation Aquarius. When will that be? What does this even mean you may be thinking? Well very simply. There is no real way to know if we are in the age of Aquarius otherwise known as the golden age, but there are many people who believe it is the time now and that we have been slowly transitioning into this age for the last 20 plus years without realizing.

What does the age of Aquarius mean for us? Very simply, it’s a change of times, it is a shift in humanity. It is a shift in the way we live, from leadership and the world are divided by religion, by differences by what we look like, to the world coming together as one, it is about letting go of the ME, and I, and replacing it with us. It is about learning to make decisions more influenced by intuition, and by what we can do to improve the world and make it a better place, it is a collective consciousness of the universe coming together and getting stronger, growing our spirit, and our sixth sense ability. A great man once said that in 10,000 years time our world will no longer have many languages we will speak one world language and it will be that through the mind- the language of telepathy, communication from mind to mind through energy, Now we are quite far from this yet of course but is it not amazing to dream that this is where we could be heading?

For many thousands of years we have been divided, we have been following kings and queens, leaders of all kinds, we have been worshiping different gods and religions and allowing this structure to create negative thought towards other people, ultimately lowering our intuitive ability and growth and true purpose of mankind- which is to do good for our world, build others up, connect with one another and grow as one in a mass collective consciousness of love, joy and ever-growing spirituality and wisdom.

I would like to share a very special quote from the great Yogi Bhajan. “The time has come for self-value. And the question is not ‘To be or not to be.’ The statement is ‘To be, to be.’ ‘I am, I AM.’ The time has come not to search for God, but to be God. The time is not to worship God, but to trust and dwell in the working God. You must understand that in the Age of Aquarius, each one shall be the leader of his own spirit. Each one will be the pivot of her life. The psyche of the planet changes every two thousand years. All the stars come into alignment, and the angle of the sun’s rays changes by one degree. That’s all; it’s not a big deal, but what happens is that as we cross into the next two thousand years.”

I am seeing it everyday, more people are beginning to take up Yoga, meditate, and look inward for answers in the simplest of things. More people following online spiritual communities, there are more spiritual teachings and schools out there than ever before, the word spiritual teacher, guide or psychic once looked down upon now they are just as common and trusted as psychologists, therapists and doctors. As people are shifting and are coming to realize that we are changing. I feel it within myself, it’s a feeling of being awake, of seeing things for what they are, it’s about being so present within each moment, to be able to feel and appreciate the smell of a flower, the colours within the sky and around you, it’s being still, it’s being able to see the world as it truly is.
13 Signs to help you know whether you are awake or going through an awakening..

1) You can no longer tolerate negative people, judgment to negative energy your spirit seeks and is drawn to positive energy, and other people who are also awake.

2) You have a deep feeling of wanting to find more meaning in life more purpose.

3) You feel a little lost, and a real shift within your thinking, you have easily let go of old habits that no longer serve you.

4) You want to make a difference in others lives, you want to do good and make others feel good more.

5) You find yourself taking things in and slowing down more, appreciating the feel of the wind on your skin, the clouds in the sky, the small and the big things that flew past you which you once would never have seen, everything starts to become still and beautiful.

6) You feel more spiritual and the need to ask a higher self or higher being for help and guidance, you have this knowing that there is more to the world that there is a higher power at work.

7) You know you have powerful energy and that you are capable of self-healing and self-love, of real spiritual consciousness and knowing/intuition.

8) Your relationships are starting to improve or you are really working hard in a natural and powerful way to improve them.

9) Your positive energy is growing and starting to impact those around you. You want to share or start a movement to teach others about being awake.

10) You begin creating powerful, strong and new belief systems within yourself.

11) You seek freedom, less things and more meaning and purpose.

12) You want to move house country or shift from one job to another of real meaning that is
making a difference in the world.

13) A strong desire to become more healthy, exercise and healthy natural eating.

Once you become awake, it is a place you can no longer leave, to become awake there is no going back to the self who was once sleeping, who was once unaware of the true beauty life can offer the true power within us, it is the most incredible, beautiful experience being awake to the world being awake to your true self. There are many thousands around the world going through an awakening, if we could influence the world to all grow and become ‘Awake’ we would live in the happiest, most peaceful healthy, thriving world that ever existed.

If you have any questions about your awakening or perhaps other unrelated questions I would be more than happy to help guide you within a reading.


Love and light,

Farrah H

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