Learn How To Ask Your Spirit Guides For Help

By Farrah-H: It is a beautiful thought that we are never truly alone. Even in those dark moments where the world feels as though it is sitting on our shoulders when everything feels too much, too overwhelming, we simply feel so alone, that in that exact moment we experience no one feels the same way and no one understands.

The truth is we are never alone since we took our first breath in this world all the way through to taking your last, you live with spirit guides, with guardian angels, with the spirits of loved ones passed on and in the afterlife. Isn’t that beautiful knowing that we are never truly alone, that no matter how hard or low life gets we have guidance at our fingertips. I want to teach you how to harness your inner power and learn to ask your spirit guides for help. 


We have spirit guides in life, guides that come in both human, angel, and animal form. They are known as spirit guides in some cases guardian angels. Too often we assume because we cannot see something it is not there, that they simply do not exist. There is nothing could be further from the truth. I want you to think about things that you cannot see which exist. The wind as beautiful and fresh as it is cannot be seen, it is invisible yet we know it is real, and more powerfully love, it is an emotion we cannot literally see it but we feel it, we know it exists. Spirit guides are like love, they are there, we can feel them in our hearts their presences the simple feeling that we are never truly alone something that is stronger in some people than others. 

I want you know to know that when you are feeling lost, feeling as though you need help and you do not have anyone to turn to your spirit guides are always there waiting, and asking for help and guidance is so easy, it is powerful and it is one of the most incredibly uplifting and divinely powerful things we can do to help ourselves. There are so many ways we can ask for help the best way is being honest. Being you and feeling your guides in your heart, stay focused and present, letting go of thoughts and think of your question, ask your question in your mind, heart or out loud. An example is as follows, please reword it to suit you or simply speak in your own way… “ I ask you universe for a miracle, please send a miracle my way, I am open and ready. Thank you Universe”. These are common words I often use in my life and there will always be miracles unfolding soon after most commonly days after. What is it is you need to ask? 

The truth is it does not matter, we all lead different lives and need help in different ways. You can ask for a miracle, or you can ask the universe or spirit guides for a sign, don’t be too specific in how you want to receive the sign you need to leave it open to them as they will always deliver in their own way and when the sign comes you will see it and it will feel so very right. You may want to ask for help and guidance and to have the universe send a sign that everything will be okay or that your decision is the right one. Have faith in asking and know that amazing things are going to come from it. I have experienced many miracles by simply asking for help, it is through fear of those questions not being answered people do not ask, we are scared and allow fear to control our lives, this is where things go wrong, because it is through asking for help with our spirit guides that we create miracles and true joy in life. 

I ask you  to have faith that you are never alone, it does not matter whether you are religious or not, what religion you have , what matters is the faith in the fact that you are never alone, that you are an amazing spirit and energy made from love and consciousness and it is this energy that you are which connects to your spirit guides, they will always hear you and always listen, in the right time and way. The next time you feel lost stop, take a moment and ask for guidance, you are surrounded by help, always have been and always will be. 


Love and Light, 


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