It Is Now Time To Clean The Closets

By Eve: All closets that is. The real physical ones and the emotional ones as well. To prepare for a brand New Year coming faster than we will even realize. It is time to make space for new things to happen.

1eve2 If you are a Twin Flame, that means really looking at yourself with a brutally honest look. It is to ask yourself what do I need to change, which behaviours am I ready to let go to adopt new ones that are better suited for me. The point of doing so, is to keep working towards the best version of yourselves to keep our ego aside.

If you are a Twin Flame in separation and away from your beloved, this is even more important. The separation phase always happens for a reason and it always involve healing, letting go and releasing. You have an active part in it, no matter what the circumstances are. Nobody is perfect or in perfect balance, there is always work to be done. Blaming the runner Twin is not the thing to do, looking at yourself and working on improving, releasing and healing is. You can even assist your Twin Flame into release on his or her behalf to clear blocks and toxic energies that are still present. Great manifestation takes time and nourishing your own connection to yourself is of great value.

The last quarter of the year gives us the perfect opportunity to analyze and recognize what we need to change. What negativity we still are carrying in our energy field. Perhaps it is from a negative friend that we might have to let go. Perhaps it from an overloaded closet that we need to empty and donate to those who might need it. Perhaps, it is deeper and now is the perfect time to take a look at it and work on it to open up the path to abundance and unconditional love.

It is never too late to work on ourselves. It is always a good idea to check-in to see what is going on inside. Sometimes some behaviour that are not for our highest good creep up on us without us even being aware of them.

Healing and releasing happens in layers, hence why checking into ourselves is so important. It is impossible to clear everything all at once. The last quarter of the year is the perfect time to set some goals to achieve step by step what we want. We have all the power to do so; we hold all the power to do so. We only need to align to it and let the flow of life support us into the next phase.


Love and Light,


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