2018 Brings Energies To Support Manifestations!

By Eve: What is the art of manifestation?

From the highest perspective, it is bringing to life what your soul wants for you. We call this being aligned. One must be perfectly aligned with the soul in order to manifest and co-create in one’s best and highest interests. We all have these energies within us, it is only a matter of connecting to them. It is our birthright to access these powers that are dormant within us. The Universe, God wants us to learn about these powers and tools in order to live our best life.

The first step in the art of manifestation is getting the ego out of the way. The ego being the mind, that is always backed up by fears and will never manifest authentic creations. It will only manifest history repeating itself.

1eve2 2018 is a year of high level manifestation and asks for all of us to align with our heart’s desire.. this is where the power lies, this is where it can be accessed. By connecting to the heart energy, we are able to uncover our Divine truth and pursue our lives in alignment with it. We can see this as bringing heaven and earth together. Struggles are not necessary, but are often there to tell us something. We must discover what!

Letting our lower self (the ego) out of the way will allow our Higher Self to act through us and allow to work without effort and act without doing. This wave or vibrations of consciousness is available to all. If it is in the Universe’s will, it is in your right to bring it to manifestation.

The second step is to connect to your heart’s desire to understand what it wants you to bring to life. That may come as intuition, a vision, a knowing or a push to act upon something or towards something. Feeding it love, trust and faith will allow you to bring it in your physical life.

The last step (but really also the first) is gratitude. Being grateful is the base of it all. Without gratitude your manifestation cannot and won’t grow properly. Imagine growing vegetables in a contaminated soil… the chance of the vegetables striving are slim. They will grow, but they won’t be optimal. Same goes for manifestations. Each manifestations takes time, different time to come to life. During that nurturing phase, it is important to always keep the ego out and avoid phrases like: “but it has been so long”, “I’m tired of this”, “Things never change”. Have trust that if it is in your heart, it will come. If it hasn’t come yet, there is a reason for it and it was planned this way. It will come when you need it.

Trying to manifest more than one thing simultaneously is not suggested. Picking one genuine manifestation at a time will give the best results. What will you manifest for Valentine’s day?


Happy Manifestations!!

Love and Light,


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