2018 Is Almost Here!

By Eve: We will now enter a very high manifestation time, it is the Rise of the Lightworkers. It will be more than important to pay attention to our thoughts, to keep them positive at all times and to stay in the here and the now. Letting your mind wandering is not a good idea. The energies will and are supporting our manifestation skills… so a wandering mind will manifest just that.

1eve2 More truth will be revealed in 2018. We will see a rise of spirituality and people walking on a spiritual path. That is absolutely good news, we will see more alignment mind/body and soul. If you are a Twin Flame that is a good news for your connection. The key terms are growth, expansion, changes, alignment, moving forward, personal development, evolution.

As 2017 ends, it is now time to focus on what we want to manifest for 2018. I prefer to say to stay away from new years resolutions! We all know what those do… by March they are out the door! I would rather think or refer to as lifestyle changes to alignment with your Divinity. By being aware of the here and now, we can hear that whisper of our soul telling us what we need to know. Following that voice is the best way to live and to navigate life. Most of us were taught to not listen and to listen to our ego, unfortunately, this is not in our best interest. Reconnecting to that power and following what it is telling us is the way to go.

2018 will bring more spiritual awakenings in many people, even in the skeptics! We went through a few eclipses and retrogrades, but this final winter solstice brought a lot of new energies to support a global rise in vibrations to help people awaken. If you are the awakened Twin, try to remember how it was when you first awakened. It is now your Twin’s turn, so be gentle and show compassion. Every awakening is different, so don’t expect your Twin to awaken exactly like you, doing projection is not in our highest good. Allowing this process to unfold naturally is the only thing to do. There is no one recipe fits all when it comes to Twin Flames, therefore following your own guidance is the only thing to do. The only recipe to follow is one that contains: unconditional love, compassion, empathy, self-love, high vibrations, clarity, Divinity, allowance and surrender.

By surrendering to Divine timing, we allow ourselves to heal, to expand and to be balanced to receive proper guidance for our highest good, therefore we allow other people to do the same. 2018 is all about oneness, unity and being all one. It is a time to honor our Divine light, that spark we have within. By treating ourselves and others with love and compassion we help the planet be in a better shape.


Happy 2018, with highest blessings!


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