Is Your Relationship Mercury In Retrograde?

By Gertrude:l I love Astronomy. Through it I pick up sentient insight into life events. Mercury in Retrograde is blamed for many things. Many of us look at it with trepidation. It is actually a time of great accomplishment. What you’ve been through. Having come this far.

It is a time where we are being asked to look at the optical illusions in our lives. Perhaps things just aren’t working out. Mercury in Retrograde is associated with the number 88. Also the eternity sign. The number of days it takes Mercury to circle the sun.

It is a beautiful time to reflect on you. How much you’ve achieved. Where you spring clean your life, eliminate anything holding you back. You’re making space at this time for new beginnings and better outcomes.


In the cosmos retrograde has no physical effect at all. So the message is that nothing will change unless you do. You are pushing through some tough barriers right now. Being invested in you is the best support you can have right now. While we are focusing on how the planets are aligning it is now the time to begin to find that inner well being. Aligning all that has happened in the past and present, to create your personal oasis.

Quite often when we are in relationships, particularly those where communication has broken down. It is time to look at what’s in the relationship is an illusion. What is the reality of the current situation? Taking it all as face value.

The number 8 is specific here. It is also the infinity sign and infinity in Astronomy is that space never ends. Through retrograde we are reminded that we also need to take care of our spiritual and soulful needs. This can be through meditation, even activity gardening or going for strolls around places you find uplifting or interesting.

The infinity sign can be found in the center of the milky way. So now is a time where you can have no limits when it comes to working through current issues and navigating important changes that have to be made. Getting to the center of how you can change your current set of circumstances.

Opening space in your life for more spiritually and soulfully important connections. Our inner circle doesn’t need to be large. It needs to be filled with people who authentically care for you. Treat you with respect and have open communication. Mercury in Retrograde is a time where we can begin to manifest in a physical way. The opposite of illusions.

The important thing right now is movement. Putting the past and illusions behind. During retrograde, we are reminded that the frequency of 440 kHz encompasses our emotions. This frequency is always available to us. Now you are being motivated to embrace change and welcome openhearted people, situations and outcomes are achieved.

How much of what this amazing time means to our relationships with ourselves and others. Every single thing that goes wrong during this time is just asking for attention. What is the actual message and lesson not just fixing up what has malfunctioned or turned things topsy-turvy.

You now have a beautiful but inconvenient beacon to shine light on the areas of your life you are working on, healing from or building upon a better future. Sometimes when we are in a Mercury in Retrograde relationship it is those harsh words or silence, the disappointments. It’s really about understanding we can’t change the past. All you have is your thoughts right here right now.

If someone isn’t participating in a way that is healthy, kind and nurturing, then they are the optical illusion in your life. For now. In order to create a future where you could reignite the flames of love, friendship or financial and vocational goals. What you do right now prepares for the outcome.

Remember through retrograde, our amygdala in our brain reacts to sound very quickly.

Because of this, people react emotionally strongly to what they hear. Through experience, emotions are connected to sound, and emotions that are activated by experience result in specific thoughts and behaviors. So this is why it is important that if someone is angry, sad, fearful or feeling despair this will affect you on many levels.

So take this time away from that to center yourself. You can view the situation from a place of inner tranquility changing the frequencies of those who are hurting your feelings. Or if you find that a dream or an ambition feels far away. Time to align yourself again and fall away from overly negative thoughts that have no purpose.

Often when we have a relationship that is in retrograde it is easy to overthink. To fall into repetitive thoughts. This is the perfect time to get out of that groove and realign your thoughts to ones that are relevant and in the now. What you are thinking and doing right now creates your future. Again, reminded that dreams and goals are not optical illusions. But well thought through dialogue and actions we are taking to have them unfold.


Love retrograde and use it to propel yourself forward.

Love and Light,


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