Is this my Soulmate and do they love me?

Many of my friends are readers. We like to support each other by getting together once a month over Skype. We talk about the big issues our clients bring to us like this question on soulmates. Questions about soulmates is probably the biggest part of the work we do.
My psychic friends are in different countries and come from different faiths. And some of us have been readers for only a few years and some of us have been readers for over 10 years. Some of us have backgrounds in mental health and have worked as therapists and some of us are from the business world. Our ages differ as well. So, as a team we represent a fairly diverse group.

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When we talk about Soulmates, we try to come to an agreement on what the word means. We haven’t all agreed yet on what the word means. But we do agree that some people alive today have had relationships in past lives and some of those relationships in the past were deep, meaningful and committed. We also agree that some people we meet alive today FEEL very familiar and close to us in ways that other people alive today do not. We have agreed to call those special people Soulmates.
I believe a Soulmate is a person who is either someone we have been very close to in another life or someone who is born with the same Human Design as us. These are two different things! People we know from past lives bring to the relationship a kind of energy that does not happen any other way. It is usually INTENSE. People who have been designed like us can bring a real intensity to a relationship but not on the level of a past life kindred spirit.

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When a client asks me if someone is their Soulmate, I try to help them discover which of these two that other person is for them. Are they a person from their past lives or are they built like my client.
What I and my friends agree to is that a Soulmate is here to help us learn and grow and in that way to improve our Kharma. This does NOT necessarily mean they are going to be the one and only person who you love or loves you in your entire life. It can mean they are your “true one and only” but you may not be theirs. And vice versa. They may be in your life to remind you of something you had forgotten about yourself and need to remember to clear some of your kharmic debt.  They may also appear in your life to be your friend and support you. There are many reasons a Soulmate appears in our life.
It is very important to remember a Soulmate is a person who is in your life to help you by clearing your kharma. In this way, you will be able to see them for who they really are and their real purpose in your life. And remember, just because you love someone and believe they are your Soulmate does not mean they have to be or do what you want.
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