How Do I Communicate with My Pet – Part 2

Have you noticed that sometimes your four-legged friend knows what is on your mind? Does your cat know which flavor of cat food you are giving them before you reach for the can? Does your dog come over to you and look excited when you start having thoughts about going outside? Does your horse choose the trail you were thinking about before you ask them to go on it?


My clients often tell me stories about how their four-legged loved ones seem to have some kind of ESP. These stories are always very fun as I can tell what the animal is doing and how things seem from the perspective of the animal.


Most four-leggeds I have met have highly developed telepathic abilities. That means they are reading your mind and sensing your intentions. As I wrote in the first article, your four-legged loved ones are attuned to your heart rate, respiration rate and the hormones on your skin. But they also are sensing your thoughts and the intentions that come attached to those thoughts.


Sometimes the four-leggeds seem to be wrong about what they think we are about to do or want them to do. But over the past 46yrs, I have discovered they are not wrong. We are giving mixed signals. That is normal as humans rapidly change their minds and have mixed thoughts and emotions most of the time. A lot of “bad” behavior on the part of our four-legged loved ones is because we humans are not always clear and consistent about what we want from our animal friends.


You can help your animal friend get clear and accurate directions from you about what you want by being very mindful when you look at them. Eye contact to our four-legged loved ones is the “Go!” signal. When we look at them, that is the time to be very precise about what we want from them with our thoughts, intentions and physical actions. This can take some practice! But the rewards are great and give our four-legged loved ones a feeling of security because we are being consistent and not conflicted in our thoughts and actions towards them.


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