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Do you feel/think your psychic abilities are a burden?

The word “burden” for me does not quite work. I perceive my psychic abilities to be a “responsibility.” If I have the ability to help solve a crime, prevent someone from being hurt by another person or give encouragement based on what I see in the future, I believe I am to do that. What I have been given as gifts are to be used for good for others. My unique human design added to my advanced education and over 30 years of experience are together powerful tools to do good. There are periods of time when I take a break and just go about my life like I am not gifted in these ways. I need these breaks because the responsibility of helping others can be tiring. I need private time to rejuvenate.

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How do you manage your psychic abilities?

I was fortunate to have mentors who helped me learn what my gifts were and how to use them when I was first starting out as a paid psychic in 1979. I worked primarily with Law Enforcement and private clients. I met people who had been working with Law Enforcement for many decades and they were generous and gave me insights and support as I grew to understand my psychic abilities. I learned from these mentors that my psychic abilities can be turned on and off and that there is a kind of portal that psychic information comes through that can be closed in varying degrees. When I work with Law Enforcement, I might only open my psychic portal 20% for some people because they are not safe and I do not want much information about them. I might open my portal 100% for someone who is in the process of passing so that I can help them see where they are going and to not be afraid. And I can completely close my portal when I want to just be normal with someone and not have any psychic information about them. It took many years to be able to choose how much my portal was open and to maintain it at a certain openness. But now, it is very easy and I do it subconsciously.

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Why don’t you use your psychic abilities to get rich?

My non-psychic friends like to tease me this way! They want to know things like winning lottery numbers and where to stand in line at events to get in as fast as possible…. I am very clear that my psychic abilities are not for the purpose of having an advantage over someone else. I have been given clear guidance from Source my psychic abilities are to be used to help others and that does not include giving unfair advantage to someone over others. I have met other psychics who have gone that way and found them on the wrong side of the law and in deep distress on many levels. I can sense if what I am doing for another is fully in the light. If I feel something is wrong, I will stop the reading until I am very sure I am in the light. Sometimes what I share with friends or a client might be upsetting or frightening or hurtful. Sometimes this is necessary to keep someone from going down a path that will lead to bad things. It is important to me to use my training in mental health to know what to say, how to say it and when.


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Kohra is a gifted and wise empathic clairvoyant Life Coach. She will support you through any life situation as a certified Life Coach with honesty, kindness, wisdom and compassion.

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