How Can I Communicate with My Pet – Part One?

As an animal communicator, I really enjoy being able to help connect a person with their cherished animal friend. I have communicated with dogs, cats, horses, birds and also wild animals such as deer, elk and coyotes. I live in the Rocky Mountains of the United States in a very remote area near Yellowstone National Park. I feel very much at home with the animals in my family and the wild animals living around us which include elk, mule deer, coyotes, wolves, pronghorn antelope, black bears and mountain lions. In my family is a 15yr Schipperke, a 13yr Siberian Husky, a 5yr Pinto mare and a 16yr Spanish Barb gelding.


Something most two leggeds do not realize is that we are communicating all the time with our animal friends. Both wild and domestic animals are hard wired by their biology to sense the heart rate, respiration rate, and hormones on the skin of any being that is near them. So, that means any time you are within 50ft of your dog, cat, or bird, they are receiving this information about you. Our animal friends take this information and decide how you are. Those of us who have an animal friend can say our animal friends know when we are sick, angry, tired, frustrated, happy, hungry and lots else. Our animal friends sense this information about us, then look at our behavior and decide how they are going to be around us.


For instance, my little Schipperke knows not to disturb me when I am sleeping unless she is feeling sick and needs to go outside. My Siberian Husky has learned to initiate play with me by stealing one of my socks. And my horses know the best way to get taken for a walk to where the best grass grows is to stand parallel with each other and at the gate.


We are communicating 24/7/365 with our animal family members. Next time, we will talk about how to say what we really want them to hear.

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