Is It True Love?

By Milica: If you are asking What is Love? you are not experiencing love, or, it Is true love but your mind is dealing with thought forms deep within yourself that are producing emotions like fear and creating illusions. How do you know if it is True Love?

What is Love? was the most Googled phrase in 2013. It’s OK. You are not alone. True love and trust take time and experiences with one another to grow. You might have already found your true love, but you are not trusting what the Universe is presenting you with. You might be impatient and want it all now. True love stands the test of time. Let the Universe play out your life, leave the details to the Universe, you just focus on your vision. Maybe he or she needs time to deal with something in their life, or maybe they also have fears and are holding back and feeling sensitive. Maybe you had a disagreement. Maybe someone was emotional and feels dishonored. It’s all OK. True love has compassion for self and other, and brings us greatest lessons. Buddhists say that it is in relationships that we get to really know ourselves.

milica2 Be gentle with yourself. Be gentle with your love. Give it time. Hold your love in your heart. Time will tell. Trust in the Great Spirit’s plan and don’t try to control what the Universe is presenting you with. Be authentic with yourself and others, honor your inner truth, respect yourself and others equally, have patience and trust that what is yours will be yours, and you will be empowered to reach your greatest love potential, and walk your path with grace. If you cultivate an inner life that is based on truth, faith and trust in all that is presented, you will always have a safe, peaceful place to go to. That is the inner place you go to commune with Nature – God – Universe. That is the place that will keep you on your path and keep you safe on your path.

Don’t control it, don’t try to create it, enjoy the process, enjoy the experience, let it grow, let it be, look at all love experiences as teachers and opportunities. Don’t leak your time and energy on worry and fear. Cultivate yourself to be your best, do your best. Cultivate yourself to be someone who can receive love and is ready to receive love. Did you get hurt in love? And you are still wondering if he or she was the one? And you still can’t let go. Did they dishonor you or disrespect you and you are still holding onto how that made you feel? When did you make an agreement with yourself that these feelings are yours to keep and keep hurting yourself with. You are not responsible for anyone’s actions but your own. Don’t hurt yourself over someone else’s actions. They were in your life because you allowed them to be in your life. If they took, it is because you let them take. See the lesson this has presented to you. Why did you love them? Was it true mutual love or were you in love with a reflection of your own love, the love that you were feeling for them? Do you love yourself enough? Do you feel worthy of true love? Did you accept less than you deserve? Did you listen to your intuition? Use the experience to grow. Forgive yourself and make an agreement with yourself to make a wiser choice next time. Breathe out and see the big picture. Experience brings you wisdom, wisdom brings you closer to your Holy Grail.

You can only receive what you are ready to receive. You need to recognize your self worth and love yourself to be able to have the love that you deserve. What is your Worth? Think about how you treat others… Then imagine if others treated you the way you treat them … How does that make you feel?… Would you like to be treated the same way? That is your self worth. If you give out love, you are worthy of love. To have true love means that both people are ready for it, spiritually and emotionally, and the timing is in harmony with both people’s life paths, self development and self growth. Don’t wait for love. Live. When you are ready, and when you have transformed yourself to a place where you love yourself, know your self-worth and are ready to accept true love, your choices will change, and you will attract what is true and real and repel what is not right for your path. Think of love experiences that weren’t meant to be as lessons in life, your teachers, experiences that gave you opportunities to learn what true love means to you, getting you ever closer to the love vibration you want to be putting out to attract what your heart truly wants. How do you know if it is love? How does it feel? If you still don’t know, think about someone in your life that you really love and loves you back. How do they make you feel? That is True Love.


Wishing you Happiness,

With Love and Light,


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