If you call, the Universe Answers.

We live in a world, a fascinating world, with such beauty, lakes, oceans, rivers, beautiful trees, plants and flowers, animals from near and afar, breathtaking mountains, cold snow, warm tropics, this world is so vast, filled with endless life, a thriving world that is also damaged by mankind over time, by pollution, war and all those things that don’t bring positive energy and love to this place we call home. Now we are a world, dirt, sand, water, air, we are floating in orbit around many millions of stars, planets, moons and our beautiful sun. We are but a spec of sand on the beach, this is what we are looking at the universe as a whole. something so small yet something of energy and importance.

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It may be small, but it is energy, it is a spec of sand broken down from a shell which was alive many thousands of years ago. That shell belonged in a world where early mankind could have existed. A world where technology ceased to exist, a world where man was more in touch with oneself, one’s ability, inner strength, where a man based decisions on his instinct and feelings rather than typing on google for answers. A world where man caught fish and hunted for his food rather than a world where he shopped at the local supermarket. A world where man was more connected, where man walked, where man listened to nature, where man was more
aware of his spiritual ability or as some like to say ‘Sixth sense’ or ‘Third Eye as the ancient and new age chinese describe’.

Now when we are born we are pure, we know nothing of this world, as we are very much brand new to life. Whether we are an old soul or a new one in this world, we are in a new body and this allows us to be pure and not aware of the world and all that comes with it, we are born into society which teaches us that you must work 8­12 hour days each day, be employed and follow a particular ‘new order’ although this is true indeed we have to work, we are not taught by anyone of the capabilities we hold within to succeeding on a level where we no longer have to struggle to survive, where we have the ability to succeed in any area and on any level we so wish to, we are not taught in school that there is nothing impossible that we can achieve anything we put our MINDS to. Now let me tell you this­ whether you want to travel, find great love, become wealthy, or be comfortable in life to be able to do whatever it is you wish without stress of money, these things are all possible and it begins with you.

This ancient law as old as the law of gravity created before mankind existed, the law of attraction. To think, to dream, to feel is to create­ but you can’t just let it happen this way only, you must think, feel, dream, work hard, believe, visualize with all your heart and soul, then you can create the life you so wish to have. Its that easy. This is not one of those ‘inspirational believe it articles’ this is real life factual information, it is science, it is how some of the greatest people in human history succeeded and create wealth, it is how those common people who have the deepest happiest love in their lives found such love, it is how that local man you see created such a great business, it is how you will have a happy family and peaceful life, it is how you will get your dream job next year or find a way to start your own business. Whatever it is you want in life, small, big, greatest of great­ whatever your plans they are believe it or not, scientifically proven to be achievable if you apply yourself and your energy, thoughts and belief in the right way.

I have met many who are aware of the ability of the law of attraction, how if you call the universe will always answer, whether you are calling and asking for something negative or positive you will be heard either way. its that easy, that simple, if your thoughts and feelings are clear and strong enough you will and shall receive, whether it be today, tomorrow or months down the track you will always receive, the good new is a positive thought is much more powerful in energy than a negative thought so this fact on its own should put your mind at ease and enable you to start using this powerful universe and energy to call on in your dreams. You can start today by standing there putting down what you are doing, take a deep breath, visualize what
you want, feeling what it would feel like to have that, embracing your smile that you have on your face from visualizing this dream, and not forgetting this feeling of happiness, for it is that feeling of happiness you have when visualizing which is the thing that attracts and allows the law of attraction to really take affect, if you do this each and everyday, you will achieve your dreams whatever size they are whatever they are they shall be achieved.

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If you call, the Universe answers. It has from the beginning of time when that small grain of sand was a shell in an ancient world where the more spiritual man lived, and if you call the Universe answers in today’s world where modern man influenced by technology lives. Energy is the
same, it remains the same for all eternity, it is forever lasting, it is powerful and if used in the right way your thoughts can create a home of brick from water, if used in the right way your thoughts can create a world from air, and if used in the right way you can unlock and achieve your dreams small or big and as a result feel the happiness you have been given the opportunity to feel. Life has endless possibilities, Call and the Universe Shall answer.

If you have any questions on my articles, I am so very happy to help you and answer all that lays within your mind and soul today. You can contact me on chat service or via email..

Thankyou for reading and until next time.. Farrah Halona. Spiritual Guider.

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