Human Vibrational Frequencies – A Practical Guide

By Milica: Thoughts, Emotions and Raising Your Consciousness – a Practical Guide

We are like magnetized iron filaments floating around the universe, filaments of like vibrational frequencies attracting to each other. What is your current vibrational frequency? Where would you like to be? What are your alignments? Your consciousness – your mind, your thoughts – defines your vibrational frequency. I will share a simple formula that you can use as a guide at any time in your life to help you move through and out of different states of consciousness into higher vibrations. If you can implement this way of observing and holding space, you can use the stresses and demands around you to further activate and further evolve your DNA as a side effect. I will explain…

Here is a list of thoughts/emotions/states and their vibrational frequencies. Read this list from the bottom up. I will explain what they mean further on.


1000 The highest frequency a human being can vibrate

600 Crown Chakra opens – beginning of Enlightenment
and Oneness

530 Third Eye starts to become activated – seeing
beyond the reality as is presented, illusions are falling
apart, seeing clearly, identification with ego begins to
dissolve – working towards Oneness – extra sensory
powers begin to awaken as a side-effect

400 Heart Chakra is activated, feeling and seeing love in
self, others and nature

350 Reasonable views on life, strong in self in relation to
the world, Solar Plexus

Ok-ness, Acceptance of reality as it is, Acceptance of
deep personal inner truth, Authenticity with self and

180 Courage – to make a change

150 Anger – at the current state of affairs, within and

100 Fear – of Truth – fear of what hasn’t happened, fear
of what might happen if you are authentic with yourself

50 Hopelessness, Depression – reversible if you can
face your fears

30 Shame

20 Guilt

0 Death

Frequency of 200 is the frequency of Truth and Integrity. This is a neutral zone, a frequency that doesn’t collapse your energy or the energy and well being of others. Everything below this frequency is a collapsing energy, and will literally drain you and tire you. Everything above 200 is supportive and enhances your vibrational frequency.

Most of the problems that arise in human interactions lie below the 200 mark. This is the area of the ego of the lower-self. When out of balance in these areas, there is no existence of truth and integrity. This is the collapsed energy that brings about suicide, depression, states of fear and anger, blaming self or others, acting from a place of having ‘a chip on the shoulder’, acting from desires and wants irrespective of others’ well-being, ‘go getters’ seeking benefit for self only, not considering the benefit of others or benefit of all. All these states arise due to a lack of Truth, and that is why they are collapsing to our mind, body, spirit, life energy, life path, happiness, fulfillment and so on. These states literally lower our vibrational frequency as a human being. Unfortunately, an extremely large majority of our humans on this planet are stuck below the 200 frequency. We haven’t evolved very far spiritually considering the state of this planet say 2000 years ago.
The frequency of this planet also lacked truth and integrity back then.

Now This is the ‘Magic’ Truth I would like to share with you! IT IS IN THESE LOWER VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES THAT WE CAN ACCESS AND FURTHER ACTIVATE OUR DNA. THIS IS HOW WE ARE CREATED. This is how we are made. This knowledge has been encoded in our consciousness in many ways, but the information is often watered down and indirect and ‘wordy’, so that many go on life-long personal spiritual quests to find their way. This information is shared in all religions, cultures, spiritual practices, but everyone uses their own way of describing it, and many don’t comprehend the message of the teachings. What I am sharing with you here is a very direct, simple technique, a practice, the way of the source, to reach higher states of enlightenment and move on up the vibrational scale.

So, to access our DNA strands and activate them, we need to enter low vibrational states. We have been told this in many ways by the wise ones before us – It is in the darkness that we search and find our light. Light is our inner truth. Dis-aster comes from two words, dis – from, aster – the stars. It is the the dis-asters that bring about the Phoenix to burn and rise from the ashes… We have heard this same information in so many ways before, but there is more depth to this. It is in these states of darkness and suffering, whether it was brought on from within yourself or brought on by others, that if we enter with gentleness, kindness and simple acceptance of reality As It Is, without a fight, and hold that space, that we travel deep down into the very strands of our DNA and activate them! ACCEPTANCE AND TRUTH WITH SELF IS THE KEY.

HOLDING SPACE – The key is how you hold the emotional space or the situation you are in, how you choose to think about it. You want to heighten your awareness to a point where you can see the reasons and purpose behind all life experiences as your teachers. When you can hold that space you enter your own DNA, you access your ‘God Particle’, you flow with Divinity, you can Activate – transmute your thoughts and therefore emotions, rebirth yourself, raise your consciousness – your mind, and therefore raise your vibrational frequency. It is our Thoughts that define our frequency – therefore to raise your consciousness and ascend up the frequency scale just simply means to ‘go deep’ and change your Mind, change the way you see, change the way you think, change the way you hold your space, ‘Re-Program’ yourself. And this is an ability we all have, we all have ‘Free Will’, we were created that way.

To work with and ride this frequency scale, Always look to the emotions and thoughts that represent the frequency above where you are currently. That next level holds a clue to how you can ascend to there from where you are now. For example, you are feeling depressed, and cannot come out of it. They say clinical depression is an irreversible illness. This is not true. Depression vibrates at around 50. Look to the level above. Fear. It vibrates at 100. You want to raise your vibration to that level next. What are you scared of? What are you not facing that is making you depressed? If you can find Your Truth, what fears are related to your depression, you can start to move on up and start facing your fears… You’ve worked hard and ascended to that level now, yet you are full of fear and stuck again. The next level is Anger. It vibrates at 150. Decide to face and deal with your fears. Get angry about it. Decide to make a change. Decide to make a better life for yourself. Use the energy of Anger to further transmute to the next level, Courage, 180. Get the courage to do something about it. Get the courage to step forward and start to become more Authentic with yourself. Be real. Go for what you want. Be you. And then, once you are authentic with yourself, you can progress further and start being authentic with others. At this point you reach a neutral, non-collapsing zone. Everything up from here will enhance you and your environment, yours and others’ vibrational frequencies. You become someone that supports this planet. And so on, you keep on rising and transmuting and ascending your consciousness. As you ascend your consciousness, you ascend your emotional states and transmute to higher vibrational frequencies. And all you are doing in this personal practice of Self-Alchemy and Activating and therefore Evolving your DNA is simply changing your mind. How wonderful, simple and lovely, yet so powerful.

Our vibrational frequency is not permanent. It can change just like anything else in life. Your thoughts are the most potent factor that defines your vibrational frequency. However, situations, people or places in life can cause a change in our frequency, either rising us or collapsing us, with their energies or thought forms. But it’s all OK. As long as you bring in awareness, and realize that each experience has brought you to where you are now because there was something further for you to learn and complete within yourself. And so on… On we go riding the wave of the human experience and evolution.

So this New Year, if things get a bit too stressful or difficult, just remember we are all going through the process of rising and falling through the frequency scale, activating and evolving our DNA. Don’t be hurt if someone around you is causing collapsing states within themselves and their environment, see it for what it is, and see that it all comes down to the evolution of the DNA. Have compassion for those that are stuck, no-one wants to be in these states, they just haven’t figured their way out yet. This is true compassion. And be just as gentle and kind with yourself. If you end up with uncomfortable circumstances, see them as opportunities to hold space and go deep, in those actual moments,Live with acceptance and OK-ness and understanding, and you will further activate your own DNA. I wish you all a beautiful, enlightening holiday season, one of holding space for yourself and others, and manifesting harmony and beauty within you and for those around you.

Wishing you soft journeying and deep activations,


With Love,


Vibrational frequencies have been researched and studied through the modality of Kinesiology.

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