How Your Life Can Change By Staying In The “NOW”

By Angelica: If you have ever read the book by Eckhart Tolle, ‘The Power of Now’, you will be aware of the theories and the benefits behind staying in the now or present moment. The guiding principle behind the book is the psychological release of the past and the future in our waking lives; that is, surrendering to the ‘Now’.
It is not a form of meditation, it is an altered state of consciousness.

1angelica2 We are bombarded by energy all day, from challenging people within the family or at work, to negative images on digital media. This can lead to depression and anxiety which costs millions of our tax dollars per year. We are living in information overload, forever spinning our wheels to stay on top of the pace of change; which can create its own digital anxiety! So how do we maintain the practice of staying in the ‘Now’ with the constant change and bombardment of different energies? It doesn’t sound easy, but it is possible.

I’m by no means a ‘NOW’ expert, however, I’d like to share a few simple tips and tricks that I have practiced over the years to help me stay grounded and conscious in the present moment:

Awareness: while completing a task, be it mundane or new, be aware of the flow of your thoughts. Are you thinking about the music playing in the background? Perhaps planning tonight’s dinner? Try to stay mindful on one task. Multitasking is shown to be ineffective in studies and can create anxiety. Staying aware and focused on one task has the potential to have a significant impact on productivity.

Nature: Use nature to help keep you grounded. I find walking along the seashore listening and tuning into the sound of the ocean, mesmerizing, it’s like nothing else exists in that moment. That’s when I know I am in the void of no thoughts; I’m not thinking about work or the next thing I have to do. I’m focusing on the way the waves pounce on top of one another and the ebb and flow of water. Thoughts come in and go out, just like the water.

Feeling presence: Close your eyes and tune into your body; notice twitches, pains and tiredness. Observe from a distance rather than overthink any physical sensations. Allow your body to just be in the present moment. Not needing to go anywhere or to do anything next. The best time to do this could be when you wake up in the morning or when you retire at night.

Sounds: Listening to different sounds can really help you focus on one sense, it also has the added bonus of tuning up your intuition. Pay close attention to the sounds outside your bedroom window; wind chimes ringing or birds singing in the morning. No effort is needed, just tune into the sounds around you and observe as one sound overtakes the other. Go with the flow.

Breath: Our breath, shallow or deep gives us life force energy. What is the posture of your body when you are breathing? Is it hunched over? This could mean your breath is shallow. With your posture upright and chest open, feel your breath and the sensations moving up, down and through your body. It may help you to practice this on an hourly basis at work, to further assist your focus and presence.

Is it possible to live in the now in every moment of every day? Yes, but it is a conscious choice.

Letting go of endless thoughts to create mental space and inner clarity is the key to de-cluttering your mind as it allows you to exist more in the present moment as a conscious observer of who you are.

Imagine the ripple effect of creating this change within yourself; as you adjust to become more present in your everyday life, so do others energetically around you.

These exercises have helped me tune into the now but staying present is an ongoing journey that requires practice and endurance, however once mastered will completely alter the way you live.


Love and Light,


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