How You See You and What Others See

By Isabella: Vision is blind without intuition. Intuition is blind without self-awareness. How self-aware are you? Every day in social media we see people acting out, Karen’s screaming, seething and making fools of themselves. We see cops tasing young black men 5 times knowing cameras are on them. We watch parents take their kids to the store, hair uncombed, in their pajamas with no shoes in the dead of winter. So why don’t people see themselves?

Years ago, I started doing television and podcasts and hated what I saw and heard. Over enthusiastic often sounded like interrupting. Inexperience and insecurity came off as arrogant. My rather large eyes looked practically bugged because of a lack of awareness of my face and appearance. Nuances like body language were telling. Most people are unaware of how they look when they are happy, sad, serious or angry.


I was in a relationship with a man years and years ago who would rage over the smallest thing, most about his work. When he would talk about his boss his face changed, he looked like a jackal, face contorted, red and like venom, spit flying off his lips. It changed the way I felt about him and I ended the relationship. I could not possibly see him in a loving way again, it was deeply disturbing.

How do you look, act and present to the world?

Does a lack of self-respect show in what you wear?

Does a lack of confidence show in your posture?

Do you mumble or worse talk incessantly?

Do you lead with your sickness or money woes?

Do you over share pics of your children and their lives?

Do you have a fake smile that says all is well but a furrowed brow that reveals your stress levels?

Seeing yourself and what you present to the world is part of the journey especially when on the spiritual path.

You can’t call yourself a healer if you’re unhealed. You can’t teach self-love if you’re insecure about your teeth but refuse to get them fixed, or your relationships if you refuse to work on yourself, or complain about others and their flaws if you haven’t mastered your own. You can’t espouse wisdom if you don’t live it. You can’t teach kindness if you don’t practice it.

Your actions, your appearance and your gifts should all be in alignment; in other words embody the best version of yourself and present that to the world every day. Anything less is a lie. Learn your face, your voice, your expressions, what emotions and words you lead with. Heal the negatives, heal your triggers, your neediness, and attention seeking dramas, polish the package and offer the best of you up for life’s consumption.

The world needs less of those who offend life and more of those who compliment it. Ugly sleeps in everyone, try not to wake it.

If you want to know how, get in touch with me. I’ve been a spiritual counselor, teacher and professional psychic for more than 30 years and would love to help you evolve.


With Beams, Love and Light,


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