How To Listen When Your Soul Talks

By Shannon: It is believed that the soul path is with you your whole life and sometimes even in a past life can be driven by a soul goal.

We can go about our whole lives wondering what our soul path is who is the soul mate or partner and how to find it.

Discovering a deeper soul voice within and being able to listen to your inner soul talk to find the peaceful path in your life may take some time after meeting or seeing thousands of people and managing to feel a connection to some, but when the soul speaks, that is the connection that finds the soul partner. A lot of the people I have spoken to over the years describe this soul awakening as meeting someone they just ‘clicked’ instantly with and had felt as if they had ‘known them their whole lives’.


I call this the soul awakening and speaking out like “Hey, this is a person who belongs in your life”. Finding these soul partners or people is an important awakening onto our soul journey of why we are here on earth to help others, why we were born knowing some people as souls before we are born and finding them in our lives later.

Searching your whole life for your place where you feel most suited and relaxed and where you belong. The sense of well-being described by most who find their soul partner or their soul family is immensely calming in their life surrounded by those who have loved you so easily and match so well with your life is immensely satisfying and like no other feeling.

People describe the euphoric high they feel around their soul partner, the level of awakening that their lives experience when everything falls into place and feels so very right and losing the churning feeling in their soul that they aren’t where they are meant to be. You can spend a lot of your life knowing something is ahead and not always knowing who but then meet someone that lights up your whole aura and soul like a beacon of light and suddenly understanding of your true life purpose. Spiritually able to move forward knowing you’re finally on the correct path to your inner happiness.

The happiness and peace and true serenity you feel around your soul family or soul partner can outlast anything you may have had before, so some break ups you become thankful for as it leads you to seek your soul family. Once found the happiness is immense and the sense of knowing is like going back your whole life and wondering if you at some level knew this is who you’re meant to find.

So keep searching: Soul searching.

If you have any questions and or more answers, please feel free to get in touch with one of our gifted readers here at LifeReader.


Love and Light,


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