How To Know You’re On The Right Path

So many of us in life come to a point where we question ourselves, who we are, where we have come, our happiness, our purpose, when we are very simply straight, confused about whether or not we are heading in the right direction that is to lead us to our dreams, goals, and true happiness.

Everyone has a different plan in life, a different path, different things they want to achieve, do, and feel. But no matter how different all of our life paths are, one thing that is the same, is LOVE.
Love. What do I mean LOVE? Well, it’s simple, when you are on the right path in life you feel unconditional love for the world, for yourself, for all that surrounds you, for life in general, a deep love and appreciation, for everything. For YOU. This is the key way to know we are on the right path. Another way is to also have fear. Fear of what is to come, the unknown, that we might be doing the wrong things, making the wrong choices that lead us away from our dreams. Let me tell you this. FEAR is fuel for happiness, when we feel fear of the unknown in life, it is a sign we are on the cliff of change, that we are heading on the right path, that great things are to come.

This kind of fear is not scary, it’s not bad, it’s fear that fuels the soul, it is fear that pushes us to continue, it is this kind of healthy fear that lets us create change and shape our lives just how we wish. Without running from fear and changing your path because you are worried, instead, be strong, embrace it and know that this fear of the unknown is here because it is something you must do, it is your true path your purpose to continue and achieve and experience great things.

Life is not easy, but life is beautiful when we learn to look at it and each moment in the right way, living within the present moment of now, trusting in the process, and trusting in your own intuition this is powerful.

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We often have many difficult trials to overcome in life, hard times when we are tested spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. But there are those moments, those special moments that you know what I am speaking of, that are so much more powerful, more strong than the hardship life can sometimes bring, it is those moments of triumph, love, success, peace, purpose that are what drives our human race. Use all you have experienced to better yourself today, to grow, to change, and to create a life where you not only serve yourself but you serve the world and those around you.

If you are questioning where you are standing right now in life, your path, whether you should stop, continue, turn left, turn right or walk all the way back, before you start questioning your position on this life path, ask yourself this, what is it I want in life? What is it my soul truly seeks? Write down the answer, remember it, repeat it each day, and keep walking forward in strong, steady paces, don’t rush, don’t run, take it easy and enjoy the journey, for if you do so and continue on even in fear you will start to walk through the sunshine that is ahead, past many rainbows, past many beautiful things. DOUBT in a person’s journey is often the number 1 cause for people giving up and stopping, but instead keep going, use your fear of change as a car would use fuel, if you do, you will find the light on the path you are on, the meaning and your ultimate happiness.

It’s worth a try, you have nothing to lose, and a life of beauty to gain. Thank you for reading my article today!

Love and light,

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