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By Gertrude: Firstly, I have some exciting news, I’ve recently qualified as a Psychologist, Couples and Family Counselor and Holistic Counselor. I began my journey to attain this when I was 18. At that time I met my future husband. When I told him I had been accepted into University to study. He looked at me and said, how can you help people when you are screwed up yourself?

Being in love, I thought he was concerned and trying to advise me. So for many years, I believed this to be true. I shelved my plans and set about being the best wife and mother I could be. 40 years later, I finally achieved what I was always meant to. Only I am responsible for my decisions and take full ownership of not trusting myself more. 

I want to ask you, are you doing the best for you? Are you following your dreams? Or are you following what is expected of you?

1gertrude7 In doing this we neglect ourselves, in some ways lose respect for our own capabilities. I am asking you to believe in you. To pursue your dreams. Age in this age is no barrier.

Give to yourself as wholeheartedly as you give to others. It is not selfish to educate yourself. To make a better life. Often the people around us will resist change. They like things as they are. Somehow become fearful that in standing up for your own rights, that it detracts from them or your relationship. It doesn’t, it improves you. In improving yourself, you improve your life. 

The Universe is Conscious and has recently asked every human being to ‘Sit Down’ and to “Clean up our Lives”.  This is not a time for fear, this is a time for a change. A wonderful chance to get rid of what is no longer working for us, on, in and for all the areas and dimensions of our lives. 

Now is the time to study if we want to encourage either a new career or to bring insight into a current one. Or to be the best at what you do. It also applies to the people in our lives. Relationships are always complex or complicated. However, unless we are in charge of our lives, thoughts, deeds and actions, we will become overwhelmed. Fearful. It will hold us back from our better good.

I am here to use all of my skills to improve my understanding of Panpsychism. To bring any insight, though all of my knowledge and experience to shed light on your personal situation no matter what it is. I am very straight forward and honest. Not everyone is ready to hear honesty. There is nothing wrong with that. We all have our own time for understanding our own soul and spiritual path. If you come to me for a life reading I will take the time to look holistically, metaphysically and thoroughly at your unique and individual situation. This will allow you to look at things at face value. To give you the tools and key you need to turn things around.

Often we feel overwhelmed by our obligations and responsibilities. Or we are trying to create a connection with someone we are romantically interested in. However, there seems to be little progress moving forward. It might seem that things are stuck.

I would love to look at what can be changed, improved and what methods you can take to have a better outcome for you. What truly is in your best interests. Together we can make inroads into our own situation. Ultimately, we are the person who makes the greatest change, in improving a situation. Moving closer to what you deserve, desire and most importantly need.

Take some time out and concentrate on you. You are the key to all of this. Sometimes we just need to know how we can take back our own power. It might take a big change. However, often I find those small changes that create awesome, wholesome and energizing outcomes.

So rather than being overwhelmed, uncertain or scared about the future, I find that within you, is all the answers. My aim is to bring peace and to allay anxieties and helping you better cope with stress. A stressful situation or complex and complicated relationships.

If you are looking for a reader who takes a holistic approach to any situation in your life, a reader who is straight forward, honest and supportive. I would love to hear from you. To work with you for practical solutions. To have your heart’s!  desires as your priority and how to achieve that.

Remember, it only takes faith in yourself and our incredible conscious universe. You can achieve your best outcome. While that might sometimes look different to how you may have originally imagined, being mindful in the body, mind, soul and spirit brings great relief and inner understanding. Once we have that, we make and create better decisions and this has a positive impact not just for you but those people around you.

I am so glad that I am back, I have missed all of you, my regular clients. Looking forward also to make new acquaintances and facilitating an understanding so that you create the happiness you deserve. 


Love and Light,


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