How To Find A New Love After Being Broken-Hearted

By Livia: When someone has had their heart broken, it can be difficult and even dangerous for them to become involved with someone else quickly. It is difficult to get involved with someone new when our energy is still blocked with someone from the past.


I am a reader, but, I feel more of a healer. I heal people, but I also heal the future. This is possible because futures are not fixed. They depend on the present. When it comes to love, the future depends very much on what we are feeling now.

This does not mean we are still in love with the person from the past, but we may still be hurting from them, still be angry. Whatever the emotions are, they tie us to that person and make it difficult for anyone else to approach us.

They could be anger, sadness, nostalgia, frustration, guilt, hate, disgust or any other emotion. It can also be dangerous, because if we do take on with someone new, a short time from having our heart broken, we may actually attract someone with the same faults as our ex, with the same dynamic that caused us to have a hard time and eventually leave them!

This is because, if we do not give ourselves time to let go, to ‘regroup’ to heal, to transform the negative patterns that caused us to attract a negative person in the first place, then exactly the same type of relationship will be generated, again!

We would find it hard to trust anyone again, and this in itself could be damaging to any potential new relationship. When we have completely let go, we will know how to love, how to be open and freely give as if we had never been hurt! So, obviously this takes time, the minimum recommended is two years. Some people take much longer than that, some are still smarting after ten years, while for others a lifetime is not enough to get over it. In all this, the work of a futures healer can certainly speed up and smooth out all these processes. Energy work can remove all emotions linked to the ‘ex’, as easily as we take off and discard old clothing. It is possible to simply disassemble old thought patterns about self worth, self esteem or about personal relationships that just tend to perpetuate empty, toxic experiences of love.

New positive thought patterns can be introduced, attachments and bonds to the old person can be dissolved. Any ‘pieces of your heart or soul’ that the partner has ‘taken with them’ can be reclaimed, and any ‘piece of their energy’ still residing with you can similarly be sent back. This immediately brings a sense of peace, of completeness, of being grounded and solid, and banishes unhappiness and loneliness. Future healers can give guidance on forgiveness, and can heal damaged hearts.

All this will allow the person to heal much more quickly, and welcome a new and more positive love into their lives! If you would like help in ‘cleaning out’ a toxic love experience, and reclaiming your soul fragments and ‘learning how to love again’, please be open to a future healing when making reading requests.


Thank you.

Love and Light,


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