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About Livia

I am a professional reader for more than three decades; I have had visions since childhood which got more persistent as I got older. I believe that psychic reading brings life-changing clarity to those who seek them out and they are also powerful tools for forward movement. I always had strong intuition but I always study and develop my skills and strengthening them with a regular reading. With me, you’ll feel a renewed sense of peace and clarity. I strive to give my clients the information and support they need to feel satisfied, validated, vindicated, and confident.

I was first aware of psychic energy around the age five growing up in a haunted house and living with my psychic grandmother. I attended church three times a week and studied religion and discovered the Angelic realms, this led me on to a lifelong path of spirituality, and have been Spiritual for 33 years. I also later discovered my aunt was also psychic as she read tea leaves and looked into her crystal ball. I specialize in looking into love and relationships, career, near and far future predictions and do so with honesty, reliability, and integrity.

When my grandmother died when I was still young, her energy lingered around the house and she came to visit me many times over. I began in adult life going to my spiritual church to connect with spirit. I was blessed with high levels of empathy intuition and psychic knowing seeing and feeling, enabling me to see years into the future; I knew I had special unique gifts. I could remote view, and predict future events with natural ability, and stun people with my visions. I then found myself on my spiritual journey and was chosen to help people and heal people. I have also studied psychology, life coaching, counseling and religion. I understand life is yin and yang and believe life is too short to be unhappy, so I help people with my gifts, talents, knowledge, psychic and clairvoyance innate ability's. I enjoy all types of readings but my favorite is love readings as this is where the complexity lies in life. I am so honest straightforward and kind people trust me which am comforting, in that I know I am really making a difference in peoples’ lives. I am skilled in all types of psychic metaphysical esoteric and understand people well. I have healed the sick, fixed love life, predicted futures and uplifted people in times of need and enjoy my path in life, which chose me to help. I like to empower people and this is why spirit chose me.

I help people find answers, clarity, and direction in times of need. I offer suggestions to help my clients understand that there are choices in life based on clarity and wisdom. I help my clients choose the best path. I provide unique, accurate and compassionate readings after I instantly connect with you. My readings take a natural or organic direction, so your challenge or area of concern just presents itself. As a result, I read on all issues. I want to put your fears to rest and help you find peace.

My Experience :

30 plus years of experience
Love Expert
Soul Mate reading
Twin flames
Karmic relationships

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