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About Livia

Futures are not fixed. They depend on beliefs. I enter into your space, see what is happening now & in future. We can work to find what beliefs are producing this negativity, charge them and you realign your dreams. I can help you listen to your inner self and not to doubt the universe, because they are in place to help us.

I use theta healing as well as counseling principles in my readings. I graduated as a Theta healing instructor in 2011 and hold a post-graduate certificate in counseling. I also use Gestalt principles. Theta Healing is a meditation which accesses a theta brain wave state that enhances and amplifies all psychic capacities. I tune into my client's beliefs and the future that awaits them. That future, however, is only one of many possibilities. Futures depend on beliefs, and most people hold some that are limiting and block their dreams coming true. I remove and replace any limiting core beliefs. They can result from upbringing, genetics, past lives or even the soul make up! I can connect rapidly to deliver fast-paced messages about life, work, romance, spirituality, dreams, the future, and any appropriate adjustments you may need.

A reading should always be positive. It should always leave you feeling hopeful for the future, positive about the past and clear on your pathway forward. I aspire you to help you believe in yourself so that you leave the reading with a smile on your face and a renewed sense that life is a wonderful gift. Bring me your worries and your fears and I will help you feel more positive about your future and your past.

My Experience: 

Over 30 years experience
Theta Healer
Raku Reiki

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