How To Design Your Life

By Farrah H: How to design your life. This is something very close to my heart something very powerful that I want to speak with you today about. Life Design.

A very new modern age version of turning the impossible into possible. Designing your life exactly how you want it to be, your dream life, your dream level of happiness, everything within your life, finance, love and so on, it is all possible. You may know some people who have turned their dreams into a reality, who are living the lives they could have only dreamed about, people who are always so happy so positive, but how did they get there? What did they do different?


Let me let you in on a little secret. They designed their lives. In simple terms, they had a dream, the dream was something they were passionate about, they created a plan, and they never forgot this plan and worked each and every day towards their end goal/dream, till they arrived at the designation. Life designers are people who turn failure into success and use it as fuel to do better the next time. They are people who don’t doubt themselves, who love themselves deeply, who follow intuition, who take big chances, who don’t stop believing in the potential for better bigger, and happier. This is what a Life Designer is.

To be able to design your own life down to every detail is quite incredible and we are so lucky that we have the opportunity to do this. Each and every human being gifted with breath can design their own lives with nothing more than self belief, passion and a dream. These 3 qualities one needs to be successful at Life Designing.

I love the idea of Life Designing, it is fun, it is unique, it sounds interesting, it is exciting, it really is something each and every one of us should do more of, design our lives, whatever it is we want to achieve, be or do. Perhaps where ever it is we want to go. We can go there! Design it! Design your dream! It is as simple as that.

There are two things that I see time and time again that restrict and hold back people in this life. Number one is Fear and from fear comes number two, ¬ self doubt. Fear is like a sickness, it can eat away at us if we allow it to, it can restrict us from living our lives, from creating change, from achieving our dreams from taking risks that could and most likely would turn into greater positive outcomes, when we have fear and allow fear room to breathe, to grow and live within us we then open up the door to self doubt. And self doubt is not a friend of mine, because I know too well what and how self doubt can harm a person.

Eliminate Fear from your life, yes you may have a fear of spiders, of certain little things that can’t be eliminated, that’s okay, this is not the kind of fear I am speaking of. I am speaking of a deeper kind of fear. The fear of change, the fear of failure, the fear of not being good enough these are the fears I am talking about. They don’t belong in your life any more, you need to today, not tomorrow, not the next day, not next week, but today in fact at this moment. Eliminate the fear from your life, tell yourself you are going to take a risk, a chance, that you are at risk of more by not living and taking the risk of failure, for it is better to try than not try at all as the old saying goes. You need to take a chance within yourself, within your life and do something today that your self fear has always stopped you from doing; this step is the first step to change, to real strength and success.

When we say goodbye to fear we then say goodbye to self doubt, because there is no room for self doubt when there is no fear, for self doubt only comes when we have fear within us, this is how it is created. You my dear are on a very special journey this journey of life. It’s not a long one, but if you use your true human potential, not letting any fears or doubts get in the way to achieving the perfect life you dream of, to designing that perfect life you want to live then you will be successful at doing just that. I have no doubt in the universe at that.

Get Designing, get living, and learn what it really means to live. Learn the potential of the human power you possess it’s an incredible gift and it’s YOURS!

Thanks for Reading, if you would like to speak with me directly I am happy to answer any questions at all 🙂


Yours Truly,



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    I am currently having problems with my boyfriend of 6 years and also the father of my 5 years twins. Is there anything you can tell me about our relationship or maybe advice?
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