How To Believe In Yourself

By Farrah-H: We all want it. Self belief. The kind where you truly believe you can reach the stars and the moon above if you wanted, the kind where doubt has no room to breathe to grow, to exist, the kind of self belief where every inch of your essence is positive, the kind where you know that no matter what happens and how hard you get knocked down you will step up and conquer all. The kind of self belief where you feel nothing but self love and acceptance and purpose. The kind where any dream is possible with a little thought and effort. What if we all had this kind of self belief? What if you did? What is it you could achieve if you felt this way?


Career and financial success perhaps. Romantic success and a happy and joyful relationship, personal satisfaction and joy the list goes on. The thing I want to share with you today is self belief is something we are all born with it’s part of who we are, our spirit it’s part of the human experience. There are some who have it from a very young age, others lose it and grow out of it due to personal experiences as they are growing into adulthood, the good news? No matter how far out of reach this feeling of self belief may feel it’s actually much closer than you think. It’s right in your hands and there are a few things I believe are vital to grasping self belief and truly living with it each and everyday.

1) Focus on all the positive things within your life– When doing so feel deep gratitude, practise this feeling of gratitude, no matter how hard life gets, there will always be something you can be thankful for- make it verbal tell yourself this, shout it out do what you have to do but it needs to be part of your daily routine morning to night.. Positive thinking and gratitude is the first step to self belief.

2) Exercise, this is an obvious one! We all know the benefits of exercise and how it can impact physical, emotional and spiritual health, but I am not talking about just any exercise even though any is great, however for today for getting on the right path to self belief sooner- Yoga. Yoga has incredible benefits spiritually and physically as well as mentally it creates a state of peace of calmness and of understanding within not only in the workout, but with outside in everyday life its benefits if practised every day last a very long time.

3) Meditation- this is wonderful practise that can create greatest of self acceptance, love for life, appreciation and deep self belief and awareness.

4) Writing it down– Write down what you love about yourself ( internal qualities and things you believe are your strengths, things you simply love about you) physically writing down positive things about oneself and putting this list in a place that you will see it each day will be a reminder and help to kick start self belief. Also add a separate list of your dreams and passions things you want to achieve in the future out this in a visible place also this will help create excitement and get you in the right energy each day to bring self belief alive.

5) Do something New– This is a great one. Do something new every week, one thing, whether it be reading a new book, visiting a new place, going on an adventure, or simply take a new hobby class and indulge in doing so enjoy it, doing something new each week creates a state of self belief as you are pushing yourself out of what is the norm out of your comfort zone, this is so effective when trying to create a state of ongoing self belief.

With a combination of the 5 things above as well as a deep want and need for self belief, and motivation to create it and achieve it you can truly do anything I believe in you and believe that with self belief anything is possible.

If you would like me to help you belief in yourself or if you have any questions at all it would be my pleasure to read for you and guide you on your journey ahead darling. To help you grow, learn, evolve and simply love and understand you, To believe in who you are and what your truly capable of. That’s what I am here for. 🙂


Thanks for Reading today!

Love and Light,

Farrah X

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