Help, I’ve Lost Something

By Ernst: How do I find this back?

Sound familiar? That panicky feeling when you’ve lost something? Your keys, wallet, a ring or some precious piece of jewelry from a loved one. Or something from someone who may be crossed over to the other side. You hurry through all the rooms in your house searching all corners where you think the object might be. Many times I get asked the question if I can tell  where their precious items are. I’m not always so connected to that energy of matter, but I do give tips to find your belongings. I will give you exercises to quickly find your lost objects again.

Imagine the right objective. Try not to stress and relax. There is no point at all if you panic. Remember that you will always accomplish as you project this out into the Universe. If you lost something just say to yourself: it can’t be far away and I will have the item back in a short time.


Ask for help from the other side. You have already expressed the objective that you will find your lost item. Now you can ask for help from your deceased loved ones and your angels. They guide you and help you. Just ask if they can help you find your lost item. Often the place you think of first is the place where you will find your lost item.

Visualize yourself being a magnet. Thoughts are forces and so envision yourself being a magnet. Attracting your lost item by itself. It’s simple, imagine that you attract that very lost object in a magical way. This way you can also find your lost object again.

Of course you can use these tips for many things that you have lost, but the most important thing is that you trust that you can actually do this and that you will do so. You learn to trust your own intuition and that is also called spiritual growth.

Saint Anthony

There is another way to find lost items.

Many people, including myself, invoke Saint Anthony of Padua. We have to go way back in history to find out who he was. He was born in Lisbon on August 15 in the year 1195. His name in real life used to be: “Fernando Martins de Bulhões”. He came from a very wealthy and noble family. Antonius joined the Augustinians in Lisbon and because he admired them very much he went to North Africa to proclaim the Christian faith among the Muslims. There, two years later he was ordained a priest. Thanks to him, many people found their way to the Catholic faith. He also taught theology to his fellow brothers. He stood up for the vulnerable fellow man and also denounced abuses of the church. His health deteriorated and later he was forced to stop working. It is told how Jesus appeared to him in the form of a child. That is why we often see Antony depicted with the baby Jesus on his arm. He died in 1231 and was canonized almost a year later by the then Pope. The basilica: Basilica de Sant’Antonio has been built around his grave in Padua.

He is the patron saint of the Franciscans, lost property, women and children, the poor, bakers, miners, marriage, travelers, lovers and patron against shipwreck, plague and fever. 

St. Anthony is invoked to find misplaced or lost things with the words you can say to the items you have lost:

   “Saint Anthony, my friend, please help me to  find my keys” or,

   “Saint Anthony, dear saint, help me find my wallet” or,

    “Saint Anthony, holy man, make me find my dead father’s ring.”

When the object has been found, one should thank Saint Anthony and this almost always works for me.

Worth knowing:

The song Holy Antonius by the “Limburg band Rowwen Hèze” is about Anthony of Padua. Saint Anthony mentions in this song: “Sometimes it’s better to lose something beautiful. It is better to lose it, than never to have had it.”

There are also weather spells such as: when Sint-Antoon makes the sun shine, the farmer sees his worries disappear..

There is also a flower named after St. Anthony. The Evening Primrose, which blooms around his feast day. (June 13th)


Love and Light,


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