Guiding Clients To Co-Creating Their Future

By Melanie: I truly believe in empowering my clients to take hold of their futures, with their actions. Each day, I get all different kinds of questions, and my approach is always the same; compassion, understanding, no judgment, 100% honesty, and coaching through the next steps.

1melanie2 No matter the question, no matter the topic, clients come to me looking for guidance. “Will he call?” “Will we get back together?” “Should I move on?” “Do I take this job?” “How do I know what the right path is?” The questions are all different, but my goals are the same; to help you through, to find the clarity you need. How do I do this? The approach is different for each of you because each person is different, each question is different and each problem is unique, so I listen to my guides and tune into what they suggest is best.

What is co-creating? How can I help you with this? My philosophy in life has always been, everything is energy, positive and negative, it is ALL energy. Our thoughts, our words, our actions: energy. If we want a result or an event to occur, and automatically think or even worse, say out loud; “he won’t do that” we have already canceled out the event from happening before it had a chance! How did we cancel it out? We hit the STOP button!! We tell the Universe “he won’t”, we tell the Universe “NO”. Yes, we are that powerful. This is what I mean by co-creating. What I have learned throughout my life experience and learning to work with energy and energy healing; it’s a mindset, a life-long process.

If you want to see a positive outcome, a positive change, whatever that outcome or change is, you HAVE to start with you, and I tell every single client this. You absolutely can not think negative thoughts like “it won’t” or “I can’t” or “impossible”. When you even THINK it, you’re creating it. Or by feeding your fears, that’s another problem too, “I’m not good enough”… and on and on the game goes.

Energy is so incredibly powerful, but it’s also very tricky. You must train yourself to be more aware of your thoughts, what are you thinking? I can’t get in your brain and follow you around all day and zap you when you think something bad, this is where the work really starts with YOU, the client. If you aren’t willing to really look at yourself, your thoughts, your mentality and your beliefs that are slowing you down, you will continue to ask “when”, or “why isn’t this happening”…

Manifesting and intention setting is a huge part of what I do with my clients and it is something that is a major help. I have clients who have been open to the process and have taken their situation that they thought was “hopeless” from “hopeless” to joyful in just a few weeks. This is some of the magic that mindfulness, intentions, and hard work can do. Energy is always changing, flowing and is ready to work with us and not against us if we have the tools to do so. Working with energy and seeing results brings an amazing piece of mind, but first, a person must take the leap. Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Change your mindset, change your results, change your life.


Love and Light,


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