Good Words, Good Thoughts, Good Deeds

By Brooke: I read an Article here at LifeReader by Michael called ‘The Collective’ where Micheal wrote that there is a formula for creating positive change. The formula is 1% of the square root of a population is all that is required for a positive change to occur. Amazing and well worth the read. I had heard before about a study during which a group of monks was placed in an area of conflict and there was a significant drop in criminal activity. An indication that good overcomes evil easily.


Supporting this study, on a more personal level, there was a time in my life when my kids were young and we had the most ‘ornery’ of neighbors. I had just purchased a beautiful apartment on the waterfront at Sylvania in a small block of 12. The first day my kids and I moved in a neighbor cornered me and said that I should not talk to the elderly couple next door as they were problematic, at my response, “Thank you for letting me know. That’s a shame. I just like to get along”, she replied that if I spoke with those neighbors, I could not be friends with her and her husband or the couple at the back. I wondered what sort of place I had just bought into and if I should take what she said as a threat or a promise. It turned out to be that her and her husband along with the cantankerous couple at the back were the problem. They ganged up on everyone and even assaulted the old lady next door bruising her by pining her behind a door and demanding she keep it open. This menacing gang were formidable. Old, retired and relentless.

They terrorized my three girls to the point where my 5 year old daughter came in crying and bleeding, saying that she had just fallen over and our not so neighborly neighbor had laughed at her fall.

Looking at my daughter crying and nursing her injuries I realized the greater injury for my child was the nasty response of an adult. This cruel attack was the real cause of a little girls heartfelt tears. I reflected on all the scrapes and mishaps my kids had every time they stepped off the porch onto the grass. I had been to the doctors in the last week twice, getting stitches for my eldest daughters, under the chin and youngest on the knee. This was crazy stuff. But this final injury coupled with the laughter, I realized that the neighbors were sending bad thoughts our way and that, unwittingly, their hostility may be affecting the kids. Casting the evil eye, with their malevolent glare, is it possible? There is much written about it. So I told the kids to send good thoughts towards our neighbors. We imagined that our neighbors were kind and sent them good thoughts. The next day my daughter came running in with a big smile on her face saying that our neighbor had smiled at her and said hello. And there it is. The power of good thoughts…

As Mother Teresa once said, “Peace begins with a smile.” A good deed, indeed.

The idea of good thoughts, good words and good deeds came to me in a meditation and I found out later, as you do, that this is not a new concept and that this is the teachings of the Zoroastrian Religion. Fun fact is that this was the religion of Freddie Mercury and his family. Zoroastrianism is an ancient religion that is dying out as you have to be born into it. And although the religion may die the concept of good thoughts, good words and good deeds should not die out. It would be a good indeed to keep it alive.

It is possible to do good deeds… yet have bad thoughts and bad words. My poor husband is a prime example, he has bad thoughts he thinks the worst, and he has bad words he says that things will go wrong and he is right, they do. Not just unbelievably wrong, but miraculously wrong.

So much so that my sister and her husband have given up travelling with us.

One small example, he gets in a short line to board a plane, it ends up taking the longest time. That’s okay, it happens to the best of us. But it does not stop there. When it gets to his turn the computer stops working. Then when he finally boards the plane he has to come off again and get on another airplane as that one has engine problems.

Another example is that we booked to go to Uluru with my sister and her husband. The travel agent went bankrupt before we left. We had to re-book and pay again. The plane was an hour late for take-off. When it arrived at The Rock there were high winds and a thick cloud of red dust. Visibility was impossible. The captain tried to land 5 times, one time the wheels even landed for a moment, we all started to cheer and then the plane took off again. This up and down motion was sickening. The captain then said he was running short on fuel and would have to go to Alice Springs to refuel. After refueling, the captain told us that a plane had just landed at Uluru. So he went to take off and could not because the engine did not work. So we were told to disembark and wait at Alice Springs airport. We all stood up to go and then an alarm went off, which we were told was a practice fire alarm. So we were told to sit down again… at this a small child started screaming..”No” and crying… everyone laughed at her sorrow. We were laughing with her not at her as we all felt her pain, she was letting out what we all felt So we waited until we could leave… this tale of misadventure goes on and on end result we had to catch a five hour bus from Alice Springs to “The Rock”. The five hour overnight bus ride is also full of misadventure. Arriving at our destination in time to see the sunrise over the Rock and a plane landing.

So many funny stories that I could write a book. And all around us people saying, “Sorry, I don’t understand this never happens.” I laugh, and say “No, I am sorry” and tell them they do not have to apologize, it is not their fault, then point at my husband and say “It’s his”. I just now realized I am an enabler. I witness things going wrong around him, so of course I know he has bad luck and I say so. So from now on I’ll reject that notion. I’ll have good words and thoughts and things are going to change. Good luck going to shine. We’re heading for a better life. It is already great with him as he does good deeds. He makes my dreams come true. My good thoughts are going to be, ‘In nine weeks his luck will change.’ And change for the good it will. Watch this post and try it yourself. What is a bad thought of yours that needs to be changed? Keep me posted.

Maybe it is a little too early to know if this is going to work. But the proof is in the pudding. It would seem that it would be near impossible to have good thoughts and do bad deeds. So next time the kids are acting up, and you put them in the naughty corner or on the naughty step. You may like to call it the good thought step. This is the place where they have to think good thoughts and imagine good things. Then, they can come off the step as soon as they come up with some good thoughts. Perhaps they can think of good things about mum, dad, sister, brother, cousin, friend, cleaning, sharing, caring and doing, using good words and thinking of good deeds. If a child is taught good thoughts, good words, and good deeds they will feel happy. They cannot be angry or aggressive, if their mind is flooded with good thoughts. Try it out on them, help them to think good thoughts. In turn, this will make for a happy home.

With a good deed done each day, good thoughts and good words you can get in tune with your spirit. What good deed could be done in this world of ours, especially if you are time poor and broke. Perhaps give a smile it is said that it only hurts at the edges. If you have not enough energy for even a smile, then smile on the inside so it shines in your eyes and lifts your soul. 

Mother Theresa said “Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” Start off the day, with someone you know, smile at them, send them love, because they deserve the best life has to offer…and that person would be you.


Love and Light,


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