Interpreting Signs

By Brooke: Signs are like signposts on a crossroad, they point to the direction you can choose at a point in time. Timing is important so when the sign occurs, there is something you should do or avoid, to travel on your road to success. Signs are like Precognitive Dreams they can be interpreted to show the future.


One of my clients rang and said that I had seen a sign for her regarding her pool and birds. She rang to say that she had been playing in the pool with her kids. She was also reflecting on the anger she felt towards her mother and sister, when a flock of birds that had been flying in “V” formation starting circling her pool. One of the birds flew off and was alone. A little while later the rest of the birds flew off and found the one that was by itself and formed the “V” formation again. Then flew off together as a flock. What was this sign’s message?

To find the message from a sign that I see for you. You look at your biggest problem at the time the sign occurs. What was her dilemma at the time? She had been very excited that her sister was getting married and they were going to look at wedding dresses together with their mother. Unfortunately for her, her mother and sister went together, without her. She was devastated. She told me that her sister and her had been practically joined at the hip since childhood and she wanted so much to be a part of that special moment when her sister would find her dress. To her, almost as important as the wedding celebration itself. The finding of the dress cannot be a do over. That moment was forever lost.

She mentioned that a similar thing had happened years earlier, which had the family not communicating for three years. She was hurt and sad and wanted to let her sister and mother know. She wanted to know what to do about it.

So what is the meaning of the signs?

• Birds flying in “V” formation… represents the family together travelling in perfect harmony.

Flying in ‘V’ formation makes the flock fly easier, faster and further sharing the lead. In perfect harmony.

• Birds circling the pool… the pool represents the issue and reflection.

There is an issue that has no end in sight. Circular arguments if challenged. She should remember the fun of her childhood instead. Just as she was enjoying her children in the pool connected by water. While she was thinking about her heartache over the dress she was still playing and laughing with her kids.

• One bird alone…represents “her”

She is feeling left out and alone. It is hard to fly solo. This bird(her) should leave the argument alone, although hard to do.

• The flock finding the bird and making it a part of the flock again… She will not be overlooked in the future. The family will find her and work with her in harmony.

If she leaves the issue alone and does not keep flying in circles, her family will seek her out and fly with her as a much loved and a needed part of the family. In perfect harmony.

Sharing her disappointment would in turn create unhappiness at a time where it should be fun, especially for the bride and also her mother. She should have the good grace to keep the hurt to herself and if her sister or mother raises the subject, look beyond herself. She said, when the subject was broached in all genuine honesty, happiness and excitement “It’s probably special that you and mum had that time to yourselves, I wish I was there. I bet you looked beautiful, Did mum cry, when she saw you? ” Also, I offered her this well worn serenity prayer.

The Serenity Prayer

“God grant me the serenity, to accept
the things I cannot change.
The courage to change the things I can.
And the wisdom to know the difference.
Then prayed she would find Serenity.”

Her mother and sister are going to wish they had invited her, if she shows good grace and take the higher ground. Like a bird taking wing. A good outcome. The right outcome. For after all is said and done isn’t that the point? To have her mum and sister wish they had included her and know within their own psyche, without being told, that she was hurt and that they caused her that pain. Realizing they would have enjoyed the experience much more if she has been a part of it. They will not let her fly solo again.

So therefore, the answer to get satisfaction, let it go, take the higher ground. And let your spirit soar. Otherwise, you will just be frustrated, going round and round in circles getting nowhere fast. If you let it go then your family will find and embrace you. That was the message from the sign of the pool/birds.


A similar thing had happened previously causing three years of sadness… so it would be wise to learn from the lessons of the past.


She ended up being the maid of honor. Her sister found a better wedding gown while searching for bridesmaid dresses with her, her mother and the bridesmaids. So she got to see her sister pick the dress after all. She was included in all bride and bridesmaid dresses and fittings and all the photographs to boot. The flock… the bridal party were all together in unison. A very happy ending. There are many types of signs and this was just one example, I’ll keep you posted for more. But first…

Keep an eye out for those birds…(thank the Lord that cows don’t fly) then watch as miracles occur.


Call me to find your answer in a sign.

Love and Light,


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