Gentle Strength – The Light Warrior Within

By Milica: I would like to talk about Gentle Strength as a healing tool that anyone can access within themselves. I have learned this through intense yoga and meditation practices, and life experiences. It often comes through as a wise, helpful energy in readings and I wanted to discuss its qualities in more depth. I hope that in reading this you will have realizations or learn a technique that may help you on your own path.

True Strength is Softness
Strength is often associated with Yang strength. The strength that i would like to talk about is gentle strength, strength in softness. Gentle strength is a Yin energy, feminine energy, soft, quiet, internal, meditative, an energy that is not aggressive or heavy-handed, an energy that is allowing, gentle towards self and others. This kind of strength comes from full acceptance of reality As It Is without resistance. It allows us to flow through life like a river, through and around obstacles.

Find the courage to become still
milica3 Many of us attempt to distract ourselves from the emotional pain that we experience. Distractions come in many forms. We attempt to distract both our physical body and the mind. But what happens over time is that the pain sets in deeper and becomes a part of your ‘weave’. And time passes and you are still suffering deep inside.

There is a way to heal yourself, and you can choose any moment to be that moment. The choices you make become the experiences you have, and these experiences become the life you are living.

You can’t control what is on the outside. Anything can happen. You can only be responsible for yourself, and choose how to experience what happens. You can choose how to experience any moment. You create your life by choosing how to experience it. Your life is your choice.

If you can find the courage to become still, and stop running from yourself, you can access Gentle Strength and heal yourself. You can choose any moment to be that moment.

Go Within, Access your Inner Wisdom and Heal Yourself
Gentle Strength can heal the body and the mind. Gentle Strength starts with acceptance of the pain, finding the courage to become still, and then going deep within to access your inner wisdom.

Find the courage to become totally still. Allow yourself to feel exactly what you are feeling. The emotional pain may feel unbearable. Don’t run away from feeling it. Instead, try to Feel your Physical body. Try to feel the pain as a sensation of the physical body. Try to Scan your body for the pain sensations and try to find the exact physical source where the pain is coming from. Focus on the body. At first, the sensation of the pain may feel like it is overtaking the whole body, it may feel too uncomfortable. But remember that if you can stay within it, you will stop running from it, finally face it and free yourself from it.

Breathe normally and accept what you are experiencing. Do not resist or have negative thoughts towards what you are feeling, be equanimous – equal and balanced, and accepting in thought. Many thoughts may come to pass, let them pass through. Just Feel. Allow. Stay strong and focused on trying to find the physical source of your pain, allowing yourself to feel sensations, be gentle with yourself, allow yourself to feel your vulnerability, and keep searching for the source.

Try to allow yourself to feel the pain to its possible maximum. Can it hurt anymore? Have you felt All of it? Have you gone deep enough within yourself to feel it All? Have courage. Dive in. Feel… Eventually, if you can stay inside long enough, you will find the pain dissipating. Eventually the intensity will lessen, and you will start to feel yourself healing.

The answers you were seeking may have come through, or they may have not. You might find that you feel healed but do not understand why or how. You don’t need to know or understand what happened. Accessing this deep part of yourself will allow you to access your inner wisdom, which goes a lot deeper and further than our tiny conscious minds. This depth allows you to access inner wisdom of all three: your mind, body and spirit. You do not need to understand the reasons or logic behind healing or pain. If you just find the courage to sit still, breathe normally, and allow yourself to feel your feelings As They Are and go deep within, with full equanimity and acceptance, you are accessing the higher part of yourself that is your Light Warrior Within. You don’t need to comprehend it. Just have the courage to sit still and experience it.


I wish you wisdom, good healing and a happy heart.

Many Blessings,


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