Generating Positive Energy

By Bridgette: We can generate positive or spiritual or karmic energy during our life. This can cover many areas of activity. We need certain levels of spiritual energy to follow our path. For one, practicing generosity will create positive energy in some form of altruistic motivation and activity, because all our difficulties in life and death stems from mental grasping and self-centeredness. These states create darkness and tightness in the mind, which then gets absorbed in its own concerns. As this happens our problems become inflated and seem bigger than they really are. Eventually, they dominate and overwhelm us. We can call this neurosis.


Someone who is kind, caring, generous and compassionate is engulfed by an entirely different energy field. It is the energy of love and openness, an essential context for any form of inner or spiritual growth. This energy immediately dispels the grasping limiting tendencies in the mind, freeing it from the things that lead to suffering and difficulties in the path ahead… So the first and essential step in the process is to cultivate boundless generosity, without it the mind remains narrow and dark. Avoid harmful action, it will sustain and nurture the finer inner energy within our body-mind system (we cannot harm others without harming ourselves). 

We need to begin training, in all dimensions of our lives, to turn away from and not feed negative  predispositions, for example, many of us gossip, criticize, and find fault with others, often in a self-righteous way. This sort of behavior reinforces judgmental criticism, anger, and hatred and it corrodes the mind, we don’t have to be this way. It is important to find a way to stabilize the mind. Whether through meditation method or a silent moment in prayer with the divine. The stable mind is able to let go of its negative tendency, whether negative, neutral or positive. Now we are able to see the mechanism by which we engage. Developing a sharp level of insight, you become fully aware of the process and you will begin to free the mind. This is what we call mindfulness, which does take training to counteract negativity.

Another factor very common in life, but less recognized, is the welling up of unresolved negativity in the mind. What happens to most of us is that we maintain a level of conditioned suppression where the mind creates a smoke screen and denies the existence of negative emotions, the emotions come out in disguised ways-spiteful or masked and harmful, remarks or passive aggression. We recognize this in people pretending to be nice and kind, but we pick up just below the surface that something else is going on. Most of us are to some degree untruthful with ourselves, pushing the negative and conflicting emotions down and denying their existence. 

A little practice of the following will help to bring some clarity… Sit comfortably and relaxed… Now allow your mind to drift to a memory of something that upset you and caused you to feel resentful, even allow it to grow a bit. See how there’s a tendency to get in there and develop the feeling, see how many feelings come up, how you want revenge and to prove that you were right, really allow yourself to acknowledge… Yes, this is resentment, pure and simple. You may find that resentment is often interwoven with other feelings, such as jealousy, hurt, expectations and guilt. Don’t dwell on these. Do this exercise long enough to reveal to yourself the fact of the emotional state in you.

So to live one’s life  doing what is really valuable, kindness and generosity commands self-respect.


May all be free of suffering. Namaste!

Love and Light,


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