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By Farrah: Today I want to speak to you my dear friends about something I believe is vital to you and your life, something you need to hear at this time something you and many millions of others around the world are experiencing and going through. Today I am talking about how powerful it is how life changing it is to transition from living trapped within the mind to living freely within the spirit.

Now Life is not always easy, each day is a new day that presents new experiences and things we must overcome. Life is not about what we go through its about how we overcome and deal with what we go through, it’s about our attitude, our strength, our mindset, it’s about how we take the good from the bad about how we turn a dark day upside down by helping other people in life. farrah3

The way I see it is we have two choices in life. To live in Mind or to live in the Spirit. We are all born with a mind, that thing that ticks away each day and makes us worry and doubt, that thing that makes decisions for us, that is our practical thinker. We can’t deny the mind its part of our human experience of who we are but what we can do is accept it, use it when we need to but instead rather than living within the mind and assuming it’s who we are, instead, to live in the spirit, to feel, to think and breathe the fresh air, to live within the exact moment and not a second before and not a second after, to live in the moment and to be positive in feeling and thought, to enjoy life and all its ups and downs, the spirit is who we are, and when one makes the choice to live life within the spirit, to observe the mind and step back from over thinking and feeling with the head rather than the soul when a person does this their life transforms into something unimaginable in the best possible way.

“There are only two days in the world that nothing can be done. One was called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, Believe, Do and mostly Live”- Dalai Lama. Now these words speak the greatest truth and I believe hearing those fits perfectly within you and who you are too. These words speak of a life within the spirit, the spirit can only live within the moment, and the mind can only live within the past and the future. To live in the spirit is living in the now, it is living in joy in happiness no matter what you have been through in life the power of now the power of living in the spirit is an incredible thing. And I do urge you to try to do so if you have not already done.

If you would like to learn how to live within the spirit rather than the mind, to live a life of true joy and happiness, then contact me today and I am so very happy to be able to help guide and teach you how to do just that. A Life change is a mindset away and with a few easy steps I am able to show you the way so you too are on your way to starting tomorrow with a whole new perspective on life and a new level of happiness- one that has for you been a long time coming! Thank you my dear and I look forward to reading for you soon and answering any questions you may have!



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One thought on “From Mind To Spirit

  1. emelyn kim

    I have a long distance relationship for almost one year, he my school mate in high school and I meet him at Facebook site, after a months he proposed his love with me, I am happy and both in love together thru video calls and chatting everyday. He is my last choice in my life and he is ready to have a baby from me due my age is enough being a MONTHER and a wife of him.
    But last September this yr he find another women he said because of my jealousy attitude that’s why he do the thanks that felt hurt. Two months without communications he deactivated his Facebook account because I block him in my list after I’ve know that he have another girlfriend. I’d cry every night and ever day because all my dreams and ambition he is there. He is in Philippines and I am here in middle east. I go Back home this up coming December 2016. I don’t know if I’d meet him. I really love him with all of my heart. His name is Anthony Cabahug ,,,,October 3,1984 his birthday.
    Thank you ma’am and I’m waiting your response… HAVE A NICE DAY!


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