Frequency Of Your Consciousness

By Milica: Would you like to know the frequency of your consciousness? How far has the spark of consciousness, the Kundalini energy, risen up your spine? This energy is the energy that allows us to manifest our lives. The higher your energy rises, the higher the frequency of your consciousness rises, the more powerful your manifestation energy becomes, the closer you reach to the Divine Consciousness, the Super Consciousness. I can tell you exactly where your energy has risen to and guide you through each level of your conscious awakening.

milica2 Our frequency as a human being is defined by our level of consciousness, you are how you think. Your thoughts define the frequency of your consciousness, the frequency of your human existence. Some people vibrate higher. Some people vibrate low. And our frequency can shift and change depending on our thought currents, the deeply embedded consciousness that drives our minds, and thoughts, and therefore emotions and actions in life.

Our frequency can shift fast or it can take time. You can have a moment of realization when it all ‘clicks’ – your frequency just shifted. Or, a person can have a thought of deceiving someone, and even without taking the action their frequency immediately drops.

The process of Awakening is when the frequency rises higher and higher towards the Divine and the Super Consciousness. And it directly relates to the conscious energy moving up our spine, towards our Third Eye and the Crown Chakra. When the Third Eye activates, the illusions within and without, in ourselves and the world around us, start to fall apart, and we start to see clearly, beyond what just our two eyes can see. Our intuition and awareness sharpen, and we live more in truth with ourselves and the world around us.

We all have a spine, the main antenna, and the connected intra-organs – energy centres – chakras, whichever way you would like to call them. All human beings are born with this antenna and a system that is capable of channeling energy, and a free mind that can choose to awaken to the Divine Super Consciousness and raise the energy within themselves to higher awakened states. As you raise your frequency you also activate your DNA.

Painful states and suffering that we experience in life are actually blessed times when we are naturally driven into low vibrational states that allow us to enter deep within our makeup, our DNA. Yogis practice entering low vibrational states for this purpose. This is where we can activate ourselves, our consciousness, and our DNA strands. We have 12 DNA strands. The more of them that are activated, the higher our consciousness is, the higher our energy has risen up our spine, and more of our energy centres are activated and awakened. We are able to function from a higher space, and consciously manifest more of our reality, more love, more compassion, and more of our own personal power. To activate the DNA, the key is Acceptance of your current state that is painful, in that moment. If you have an Aversion to your reality or deep inner truth, you will drive the pain deeper into your body, rather than activating yourself. Acceptance allows new powerful cognitions about ourselves and our lives to come through and replace the previous disempowering cognitions.

The human energetic body is like a computer system, governed by the software that is the mind. The mind is the key that allows us to connect to the Divine. The software that is running you has been created by your thoughts, your environment, your experiences, your teachers, the society. But you have the power to choose to manifest a higher frequency of consciousness, and live and experience and manifest your life from that space. You have the power to think whatever you choose, and make your cognitions or understandings of life powerful or dis-empowering. It is in these moments when life is difficult that we get to delve deeper within and find the key cognitions that drive us, and from that space of true self-realization, choose to activate higher empowering cognition about life and ourselves. You are a powerful being that has the choice to activate yourself at any time, and the secret to activating yourself is Believing you can. Without Believing that you are a powerful being capable of manifesting, you will not be able to embody your true higher self. You Are a powerful being. You can change your life, you can heal yourself, you can activate yourself and then be able to heal others… you can move objects with your Third Eye.

Learn to levitate and so much more. But you have to first Believe, and then activate. Activate a new software that allows you to rise into higher and higher states of consciousness. You Are the Master of your Conscious Journey. Different states of consciousness, and awakening through them comes with both great joy and excitement, and sometimes pain at the realizations about life and existence, both states of bliss and nirvana, and lower emotional states. Consciousness shifts can also cause pain in the physical body, as the old thought forms manifest into matter to leave our body. Headaches, foggy eyes, pain in different parts of the body, are all an over-energy that is manifesting into matter that you can feel as it leaves your system. As people awaken into the higher states of reality and truth through their Third Eye, and as their intuition sharpens, confusion and self-doubt can set it. As people awaken through their Crown, and Divine messages flow through, compassion for the world around us can become so great, and feeling of Oneness with the world around us can become so great, that it becomes painful experiencing the state of the world around us. This is when guidance on your journey can help you have more conscious, softer shifts, with more peace and understanding of what is going on, and an easier journey forward.

Beyond the crown is the space where rishis, masters, great sages, yogis and teachers operate from. Beyond the crown is a vast space of consciousness and scale of frequencies before a human being can reach their full potential. These spaces carry their own experiences and truths.

If you have any questions or would like to check in and ask about the current frequency of your consciousness, I would love to help you on your spiritual journey.


Many Blessings, Love & Light,


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