Frequency Of The Love Experience

By Milica: What kind of Love are you seeking in your relationships? What kind of Love do you desire? On Planet Earth we have different kinds of Love with different frequencies: Animal Love, Human Love and Divine Love. Examine your deep inner space from this perspective.

The lowest form of love is at the gross physical level, Animal Love, purely physical, the intention being to satisfy the self. There are no caring feelings for the other being. A large proportion of humanity functions from this space.

milica2 Human Love is the kind of love where one cares deeply for the other and the other’s happiness and well-being. This relationship is based on genuine, caring, loving, friendly sentiment.

Divine Love is the kind of love where a state of Super-consciousness is reached and Divine Love becomes the Experience. And it grows and grows in frequency. Divine Love supports the other, inspires the other, and helps the other raise to higher levels of consciousness. Divine Love doesn’t need the other. Divine Love just is a pure experience of love without any conditioning, what is described as unconditional love.

Paramahansa Nithyananda, the greatest teacher that has appeared on Earth in thousands and thousands of years, a New Avatar, enriching and causing humanity for a Superconscious breakthrough, explains that the purpose of human life is manifesting higher frequency of consciousness. Nithyananda speaks of Divine Love being possible as long as there is an intention to manifest Divine Love. It is not necessary for either person to be enlightened to reach a state of Divine Love. And allowing the Experiencing of Love purely leads to higher states of love frequency.

Love is an Experience. Experience Love in whichever form it comes to you. Whether it’s physical love or human love. Don’t think about it. Experience the experience purely. It will only lead to higher states of love. If you think about it and think about it and overthink about it, or try to possess it, it will only lead to death of love. It is only through Experiencing Love within, purely in the moment, that you will open the gateway to higher states of consciousness and higher states of Love. In order to experience Pure Love, we must get rid of all our preconceptions, expectations, attachments to the outcome, and free our senses to experience the love as it is. You may believe love is bliss, or love is pain, or that this love will lead to Human Love or Divine Love – all these are conditionings that stop us from experiencing the love that Is Now purely.

Don’t try to change or fit the other person to the image you desire. Love them as they are. Look within you to find the love that you desire, and the love you want to experience. Realize that manifestation of Love is within you.

Superconsciously Inspired by His Holiness Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda.


Many Blessings, With Love,


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