Free Your Soul of worry, free Your Soul of Doubt, for when you worry you create a circle of energy around yourself, an energy which holds you in as if you are captured within your own jail. Many don’t feel freedom they are trapped within themselves always searching for a way to get out, never knowing how but knowing and feeling a deep sense change which is needed.

What is Freedom? Freedom is the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved within oneself, it is the free will and choice to make decisions and go with them, it is the feelings of complete happiness, it is the feeling of adventure, it is one of the most important feelings within life that we all deserve, but unfortunately we do not all have the privilege of freedom as some countries undergoing hardship do not allow their people freedom, many have have been trapped for thousands of years without the chance of freedom, which is why you see many travelling to start again in new countries as refugees. Seeking freedom.

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But what about those of us who are within a country which allows freedom? which allows choice, which allows you the full opportunity to experience this human feeling of freedom. This beautiful feeling and essence of life “Freedom”. There are many of us within a country which allows freedom yet we are trapped without ourselves within our own prison, or within our own internal ‘country’ which does not allow us to escape­ or at least makes us feel trapped. This is what I would like to talk about, as it is the most powerful form of imprisonment within oneself.

Self Imprisonment is a weapon of destruction, it is something we all experience on different levels but some more so than others. You will either know if you are or are not trapped within your own prison walls. The question is how to escape?

How do I escape my own prison walls? well that is easy you must start from the core. What is it that brings you greatest hardship, what is it that you fear? Find these. know them. what is it that you want? what brings you greatest happiness? find these know them. These must all be answered before you can release yourself, You must set goals of what you aim to achieve and how you want to feel on a day to day basis, perhaps feeling as though you can do anything you want in this word, explore and go anywhere you want to? Perhaps being free to work I any job you want. Perhaps being free from a relationship or a person who brings you great sorrow.

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Now, You can choose today how you want to feel, you can only choose one way. Do you want to feel abundance of goodness and freedom? Or do you want to feel trapped and sadness? Choose today to be Sad and that is how you will always remain, but choose to be happy and you have already taken the first step to releasing yourself from your internal prison. Its That easy, now all you need to do is follow your goals in order to get to where you want to step by step. Leave that person who brings you down, move on from that job that does not fulfill you, plan a trip, and take it­ explore the world if you like.

When you make the decision to be free you are making the decision to live. Freedom is part of humankind it is an experience we are born to feel to know. When we do not have freedom we
do not have happiness, when we do not have freedom we do not have the opportunity to truly find oneself.

To live with freedom is to live with the abundance of joy. To live as we humankind was always suppose to.

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