Fire & Flames

“An eternal Flame, I heat the earth, I keep all warm, I am light, I am the meaning of bright, Made from the sun, the sun made from me I am The element Fire. Forever alive, forever burning, forever here for you to use, without me there is no you, there is life with fire. Fires flame, so strong so bright, an element here day and night. I live in the sky, I live in the ground, I am in the core of your heart, I breath life and love, I am warmth, The Fire Element.”

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As you know there are 4 earth Elements within the zodiac. Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Today we will be speaking about the Earth element fire! Who are the fire signs? These are your one and only Almighty Aries, Leo the Lion and Sagittarius. Three powerful yet different signs all with the soul Element of Fire.

These signs are Spontaneous, Inspired, enthusiastic, outgoing, passionate, Self centered, visionary, dramatic and instinctual. With the fire element in your presence there is always a warm radiance, a trust in life’s given journey and a strong willingness to take risks.Fire signs are infused with a divine spark, which can spread like wildfire to those around them.They have a strong lust for life which is enviable to some.

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At the fires signs best they are passionate, dynamic and are the first to set out into the unknown and take initiative with adventurous enthusiasm.They are intuitive and trust their gut instinct which almost always never leads them wrong.They have a strong sense to self and are leaders, often leading others to their destined paths. At a fire signs worst they can be very temperamental if not managed properly, they can be emotionally volatile, quite self centered and impulsive taking a leap before looking.

Over all the Fire element is a powerful one and is a leader within elements.Or at least they like to think that way!When a Fire elements energy is at a low or when they reach a low point of energy within oneself what always helps to rebuild energy and ones calmness is the use of fire. Now unlike the water sign there is no ocean of fire to sit by to regain strength and peace
of mind, but there are things a fire sign can do, like relaxing by a hot warm fire on a cold winters night or lieing out in the summers sun and really connecting with the warmth of the energy of the sun. As the core element within the soul of the Fire signs is fire, fire and warmth sooths and will always help bring this element back to life and high spirits.

“I warm the earth day and night, I heat your meals, I give you life, I warm the flowers in the sun, I am the morning rays I am the night time sunset, I am the fire burning in your soul, I am the passion in your heart, the element of fire is me. Fires Flame.”

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