Finding The Future In The Now

By Shannon: The path you are on now has aspect of where you will lead in the future. We tend to want stability in the now and future but finding the future relates to the things going on now. Not everything we do will be there in the future. People come and go, but we find stability in the ever changing world.

Not everything is a pattern, but people tend to repeat things in their lives not just mistakes, but behaviors so a pattern can come that will likely appear also in your future. Other people have their own patterns of behavior especially people cheating or offering up levels of deceit.


Love tends to follow the road towards the future but doesn’t always reach the biggest turning point to get to the stability we want this takes time and a lot of patience is the past repeating the mistakes of old or are you able to move on from old hurts.

One question is are the arguments over the same issues did they get resolved ever or brought up again and again. The future doesn’t have to be a repeat of past mistakes you can resolve differences and then make a brighter future for everyone not just yourself.


Take a look at your life. What you are doing and saying. Can you do something differently to change your future so it is not the same as now? Ask yourself or a psychic and then go about the changes you need to make your future less stressful from old patterns and grudges. Releasing the hurt to move on from old thoughts and repeated pattern.

Love. it may be new or old needs trust, love and loyalty to flourish rebuilding these things are hard but not impossible.

Taking a deep look at your relationship and the goals and plans you have for both of you and how these plans are going communicating together and trying to get through any problems that keep reoccurring. Knowing about a problem doesn’t always mean that solves it, knowing is the starting point to find out how to solve it. Is it solvable do u need outside help? 

Thinking isn’t doing but thinking can help provide the framework for researching information and then making some new plans what to do about it.

Give your relationship a makeover before continuing and making the same mistakes again and again same conversations fights and arguments over the same things. Live past these old ruts and renew your future path one step at a time.

The future is there for everyone and we all can be looking towards a happier better future with a lot better goals and plans to do.


Love and Light,


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