Find That Powerful You

By Amanda: This article will be discussing on how to find that Powerful You and finding that strength you didn’t know you had. These days, it is hard to keep strong when you are in and out of love or situations that seem relentless, but instead of allowing us to be swallowed whole by the grief of what might have been or might have happened instead of that, how about planting your feet and say “World I am ready, Life I am ready and Love I am ready”. It is as simple as saying that and then we feel the power return as we then feel empowered. We lend our strength, but ultimately we get it back. Allow yourself time to let it wash over you and remember that you can be whole.


You have so much power and you can create your own story but don’t let the negative things bring you down, instead shake it off and remember you can do this. When we find our strength we can do incredible things. We feel worthy of the greatest love story, but at first loving ourselves and then we can love the peace of not getting into drama as you say No to it and being with a loving partner. You are powerful enough to put up your hand and wave it off. After we do then we create and we don’t let others words or actions pull us down into despair nor to rule or ruin the life we want.

Now, while we all hear about the benefits of being grateful for the good, the bad and the ugly, but sometimes we are human and it does get to us and we just don’t feel we have the energy to do it. So when this comes ask your Angels and guides to help you find your strength. You are more powerful than you believe, and you will find it waiting inside of you even if you think it is not there, trust me it is there. It is an old friend waiting patiently for you to come find it. It can play peek a boo and finds you when you need it. 

Strength is not just about being strong, but it is about being resilient and being aware that no matter what happens you got this and you deserve better. I know we give our power away if we have a toxic relationship, a bad job or a family that you just find hard, but in time you will take it back and say I deserve and will have better. 

Life for me has not been easy, but my strength pulled me through the loss of a son. I wanted to hide from the world, but then after he came to me in a dream he hugged me and said this, which I think of all the time, “Mum you got to take your power back and don’t lose it in grief”.

I was giving my strength to the grief, my strength, in helping others with his loss, I was giving my strength to a relationship that was so draining and co-dependent it was not about the balance of a beautiful love and I took it back. I realized that my power was so low that I found it hard to get out of bed, but I did get out of it.

I want you to say out loud “This is my life, my energy, my path and I am not giving it away . This then created my new strength and I love it. I don’t accept negative people in my life and you don’t have to either.”. If friends and family are draining yours, then simply ask your guides to protect it and then walk away. Give yourself a pat on the back for the little victories that you have each day as these are important too. These need not be totally cut out someone or a situation, but it can be a simple thing like saying to your toxic partner or friend that wonderful word NO. Say no to being told what to do or do for them. You need not explain why, because you don’t want to deal with them or the situation. Even a job can drain and make you lose strength. When it does, just say No More and look for a better one.

Saying no is hard, but a powerful thing in the Universe and is right behind love. I said NO and you can too. You deserve the love of a partner that loves you and friends too should add to your life and not take. Don’t be afraid to let them go if it is not working for you. You are a beautiful soul so now give your soul the peace and love it deserves. By doing this you will regain your life and will be so excited to see what other good things will come now you have decided to stay strong. 


Love and Light,


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