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Using psychic gifts to tune into your spiritual life.
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About Amanda

I am a 5th generation psychic with many gifts to help you with any questions either in the physical and Spiritual world. I am genuine, down to earth reader. I see how another person is feeling about you and am able to see into any situation clearly.

I just focus on you and I am given the messages and visions straight away. Dream analysis is a strong point and I have a great sense of humour and like to help others. I can help guide you to your own abilities and I can read and see them. I am popular in Australia and overseas and come from a strong background of healers and psychics. 

Allow me to answer any relationship or help you on the path of success. I am able to tune in quickly and precisely. I have so many successful stories but two of my favourites are - One lovely lady who wanted to be a comedian, she lived in a small remote country town and I told her she would be winning a competition and writing for a tv series. She laughed at me and told me that she had only stood in front of family to make them laugh. I told her to send it for a competition and I said she would win it. She went on stage at a major city for the second time ever and she won it. She is a writer for a tv series and has just been on tour. To this day she is gobsmacked that it was on the mark.

The other is a lady who came to me asking about love. I told her that she had a man who wanted her back so bad that he was overwhelming me. I said that he loves you still and wishes that you would call. She broke down telling me that she had left her husband a year ago after a psychic friend had told her that he was unfaithful. I said that he never would be or had been. She said that she didn't know how to get to him. I asked her if he was at work and I called him. I put her on the phone and said talk, two weeks later a big massive hairy man rocked up to my door and hugged the stuffing out of me. He was her husband and got his wife back thanks to me.

My experience is:

I am a member of the Australian psychic association.
I have been doing face to face readings at shops and home for the last 27 years in my local town and area.
Tarot, Oracle Card.
Dream Analysis.

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