Fighting For Success

By Francis: A lot of people every day are looking to better themselves, be it through work, love, fitness goals, health issues or family matters. Sometimes people come for a reading and they ask a lot about their jobs and career and I see those who work so hard and receive rewards for it. Some people then are not even looking for work yet expect to be very successful.

This is not a judgement, there are different phases in everyone’s lives and sometimes we have to work through each phase to learn and understand what matters. You could lose your job through illness and then have to get better to get back on track again.


I think the key thing here is learning and process. No two people are the same and everyone has to be looked at in a different manner. 

Pushing through barriers and breaking past patterns of behavior is vital. If you find you keep on getting into the same doubtful relationships, then you have to ask yourself why this is happening. It might not even occur to you why this is happening. You have to take it slowly and try to process yet again each turn of each day in a relationship, sometimes people change sometimes life changes. It’s important to be confident in your life choices also, though and not beat yourself up if things go wrong and also try to move on without yet again hanging onto these recurring patterns. If you are dating someone and they keep making excuses, disappearing, you see them with other women, you hear things being said about them, you really should confront them and ask why? If you don’t get an answer that person is not genuine and it could be time to move on. You need to trust your gut instinct also and try to remember your dreams where you could very well be receiving messages.

Don’t try to take on too much at once, which could burn out. It might work for a while, but inevitably you will find yourself fading and falling. Look at yourself and what you have achieved in the past and think, could I do more? The answer would depend on what you have already done in the past. You can’t change from office work to being a builder, for example, overnight unless you are extremely fit. Try not to give up on dreams, but be realistic about opportunity and what you are capable of long term. It’s good to try to start something you intend on sticking with rather than thinking, this will do for a while. People change from when they are younger to being much older and again, moving past patterns and learning from mistakes. If you have a job you hate, it is more than likely you will hate that type of job in another environment. It’s never too late to study or retrain either if you have had to, for some reason, leave a long term career or maybe have had children or have commitments to family or a partner.

Money and love are vital in life, you don’t need to be rich, but you can’t do much without some income and everyone needs love be it from friends or a romantic partner. It’s what most readings are about. You can creatively visualize success with a clear vision and mind also, my sitting up in lotus position and carefully creating successful scenarios working themselves out in your mind. Turn off the negative voice and create a beautiful future for yourself. Try not to focus on weakness, focus on strength. Again moving past patterns of bad behavior and self-doubt has to happen to ensure success.

Try to work on this and good luck.


Love and Light,


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