Evil Eye – Nazar – What to Know

By Rani: The evil eye is believed by many cultures around the world. The following teachings are Hinduism-based. The Hindu belief in karma and the power that is in the gaze of the beholder is deeply ingrained in the religion. Let us look at what the Evil eye can cause and how to ward it off.

It is possible for entities to serve you with the Evil eye every day without even realizing it. One false compliment could result in you being inundated with the low vibrations they wish upon you. People, animals, plants, and inanimate objects may be cursed with an evil eye. In Hinduism, the power of the beholder is not underestimated.


Those who experience the evil eye and know about its origin will sometimes instinctively feel that they have been affected. Symptoms that they will recognize are: Migraine, pain in the back of the eyes, blackouts, numbness in the limbs (poor circulation), breakouts, fatigue, and a general weakening of immunity.

A person suffering from the Evil Eye will often experience the effect both physically and mentally. In this case, you will have assumptions about other people and doubts about how they feel about you. When the evil eye is present, arguments appear more frequently between all connections.

Moreover, accidents are more likely to occur as well when negativity is present. Negative energy that is too heavy can also spread bad luck. By causing accidents, food spills, clumsiness, and financial loss, bad luck will follow the culprits. People who have the evil eye tend to get more bruises due to the negative energy and bad luck they face.

How to ward off the Evil Eye
You will have to use two plain lemons to ward off the evil eye. Plain lemons are those that have no visible lines and are without any markings. Check the top and bottom of your lemon for cracks, lines, or indentations. Such features may be used as tools for black magic. You will not need such intense energy for this casting. Therefore please stick to a plain lemon.

• Place a lemon in each of your hands

• In your mind’s eye, visualize the intention “I am cleansed of all negative vibrations”

• Rotate your hands in a circular motion up and down your body as naturally as possible

• Imagine a white light growing around you and all the negative energy dissipating

• Place the lemons in a bowl of water – Results below for intensity of evil eye

• After figuring out the intensity of evil eye cut the lemon up and burn the peels

• While burning the lemon peels, visualize in your mind, “All negative energy will perish with it.”


No Evil eye: The Lemon sinks in the water

Mild Evil eye: The lemon flows with the water

Medium: The lemon is moving in a circular motion

Heavy: The lemon floats and does not move at all also offer in-depth readings on your energy. I am a qualified Reiki Master, Psychic and Shaman. I have been taught how to tap into anyone’s chakra remotely. By doing this I am able to offer you clarity on whether or not you have been affected by the evil eye.

Come for a chat and I can give you insight into the abilities you possess based on your spirit.


Love and Light,

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