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By Melanie: Energetic protection is a very personal and spiritual situation. Every person in the spiritual community that I have become friends with, networked, and/or read their books; have our own individual way of protecting ourselves. I will give you several suggestions of things you can try. My best recommendation to anyone who is looking to protect themselves is to be open and try anything. Pick and choose the best that you feel works for you, it can be almost like going to a buffet, an energetic protection buffet that is.

All of the following tools are “tricks of the trade”. I am not claiming to have created any of these tools. They are items that I have learned over the years from mentors, books, and research. I have found each one to be helpful when I have been guided to use them. Try what you feel is good for you, and leave the rest. I hope these tools will help make your vibrations higher, and by extension, humanity and the world. We are all here to be beings of light and raise the vibration of the planet. Until next time.



Crystals- There are so many kinds of crystals, stones, and rocks that have many types of properties. I will discuss these in-depth at a later time, but crystals can be a powerful ally.

Prayer and/or Ritual- This is different for each person.

I enjoy talking with Archangel Michael. He has never let me down whenever I’ve called upon him.

I envision myself in bubbles of light and color as if being Glinda the good witch in Wizard of Oz. These bubbles are like force fields, shields that can prevent negative energy penetration.

I repeat to myself multiple times- “My aura is sealed, my mirror of protection is up and in full force, any energy that is sent to me that is not unconditional love is returned to the sender for their own personal growth”.

Essential Oils- Sage in particular is a wonderful oil to diffuse if you are in an office or enclosed area around these individuals you just can’t get away from with energy help.

Sage smudging- Smudging yourself in the smoke of sage is a great help as well.

Nature- Nature is our biggest ally with helping our energies. Getting outside, or bringing outside in is a huge help. Spend time outside, bring a plant or many plants in your home or office, spend time with animals. My personal favorite is spending time by the water. Water is extremely cleansing and renewing.

Cutting cords- Talk to your higher self, your guides, angels, teams of light and in particular, Archangel Michael; ask them to cut cords- there are invisible energetic cords that we all have connected to ourselves and others. Archangel Michael can sever those cords to help us with clearing our energies.

Meditation- This is deeply personal and not something I like to tell clients how to do. I personally, like to use crystals and relaxing music with visualizations. Sometimes I listen to guided meditation, sometimes I don’t listen to anything. Sometimes I burn candles or incense sometimes I don’t. Again, try what works best for you, listen to your intuition.


Love and Light,


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