Energy Interaction In Relationships And How It Affects You

By Liz: As we venture further into the new year, we have an opportunity to shed the old and nurture the new. It is time to assess our relationships and associations and look beyond our hopes and wishes and to what is. Only then can we understand why we are repeating old patterns time and again or stuck in a relationship that is no longer wholesome for us.

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell when that is the case, because when we form an association with somebody, our energies will flow together and merge to an extent. There is an energy exchange. With the right people this can be a wonderful thing that will help us grow and flourish and be the best we can be. With the wrong people we can find ourselves repeating the same mistakes again and again, namely giving of ourselves, our time, our body, our souls, and all the while having the sense of sinking lower and lower.

Let me explain further.


We have all experienced that feeling of upliftment when we are around happy people, or when someone behaves positively towards us. Conversely, we are all also familiar with the shattering sensation we feel when someone has wronged us, or an argument erupts nearby or involves us.

This is energy equalization in action. Think of energy like water. Water, ironically, is the element related to emotions and will always find a level. So will your energy field. Like water, when you enter a room full of people, or spend time with someone in a one on one relationship, your energy and their energy shall lower or rise in frequency accordingly.

It is important to remember this fact, as if they are a negative person, or a selfish one, and if you are operating at a higher frequency than they are, you will find your physical and mental fortitude will suffer as your energy lowers to meet theirs. They on the other hand will feel as if you lift them up.

Of course, in our daily lives we will come across these ups and downs and bounce back from them – usually. The problem will be if the people you are around are only capable of taking, letting you lift them up, and you never feeling the same in return. Such energy draining individuals are known as energy vampires.

The best way I can tell you how to avoid them is to trust your feelings. If you are always pulled down in someone’s presence, they are either going through a phase and you can help them be more positive, or it is who they are. Use discernment when it comes to those you spend time with, as our companions will impact us, mind, body and spirit.


Love and Light,


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