Embodying The Limitless Self Using Presence

By Aquila: Part Two of Self- Sabotage From A Spiritual Perspective

Everyone is a Limitless-Self at the core of their being. This Self is alive and moving in body, mind, and soul. The potential is continually changing, evolving, learning, growing, and directly experiencing life to its full potential whether you’re aware of it or not. Simply by living in a culture with other humans, the core of Infinite-Self seems to become limited and constrained. Humans are biologically wired to seek connection and relationship with others.

We inherit and reflect other people’s behaviors while also attempting to understand who we are at our core and how we wish to engage in our world. The life force of a flowing river is akin to Infinite-Self. Cultural programming, energy-sucking habits, dysfunctional relationships, and self-deprecating emotional feelings and patterns operate as debris, concealing, restricting, and clogging up the raging river of Infinite-Self. Layers upon layers of great disappointment contribute to the suppression of one’s Eternal Self’s force. 


As we embrace ourselves when we come back home, we can transform from self-sabotaging habitual behaviors to our limitless self. 

The farther you walk away from yourself throughout your life, from birth to now, the less your inner, high, and limitless self will be heard and felt. When you get the hang of it, Presence Practices are a wonderful and enjoyable way to fully embody this innate aspect of yourself. Our eternal self is lived in the present moment. Here we can observe our patterns, let go of what no longer serves us, and connect with what we are truly made of. 

Here and now, we are fully alive. We can be in this moment if we bring our minds back from ruminating on the past or the many what-ifs of the future. 

“The next message you need is always right where you are.” – Ram Dass.

This quote is reminding us that surrendering in order to see what’s already there just might be a good first step to resolve moments where you may feel stuck. It is not a new sign, a message from the Universe that we require, but rather the ability to still ourselves, quiet our minds, open our hearts, and notice what is already present. It is not necessary for us to work so hard for it. As our programming may have taught us in the past. Just get through the period of looking with blinders on or non seeing, with as much faith as you can. The period of clarity will arrive in surrendering to the present moment. 

We can tap into a deep presence and peace that exists within us right now. 

Here is a simple Presence Practice to get you started. It’s quick, easy, and well, very effective, easily completed in just 10 mins a day. Take a moment to focus on your breathing. Taking deep breaths and exhaling. For a minimum of 10 breaths Then repeat these affirmations aloud or in your head. 

Presence, I am. 

I am a divine being, I am eternal. 

Love and joy vibrate through me now. 

Then rub the palms of your hands together very fast and place your hands over your heart. Allow the warmth of your hands to fill your chest. Easing of your heart and soul to fill your being. 

In conclusion, our continuous objective is to draw our attention and awareness to our Infinite-Self as it is waiting patiently for your full presence. 

It is my desire with every reading in many small ways over time to assist you in reconnecting with your Infinite-Self and your body, resulting in more energy and life force. 

Congratulations on your first step toward cultivating your Infinite-Self! 

Stay tuned for Parts 3 and 4 where I will dive more deeply into the other two methods to remember and embody your limitless self. Through: Spiritual Self-inquiry and Love and Compassion.


Infinite Blessings, Love and Light,


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