Electric Eel

I feel the warmth of the Sun, the sound of the ocean,
both soothing for my soul, energy surrounding, electric Eel I feel you,
as I continue to stroll, along the sand so soft, as I listen to white wash, nothing but nature, nothing but energy,
this is life,
this is peace,
this is where I want to be, when we focus too deep, when we focus too hard,
on the things that don’t matter, the things that don’t last,
we hurt our soul,
we stress ourselves, we cause tension,
we cause unhappiness,

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we say goodbye to life’s bliss, wind on my skin,
birds soaring high, clouds in heavens sky, positive thought,
warm energy at my core, this is a feeling I adore,
at peace with my mind, at peace with my soul, feeling completely in control, happy thoughts,
at peace with me,
allowing my energy to be free, positive mind,
positive life,
say goodbye to any strife, Connected to nature, connected to earth,
my soul and body, two at birth,
but at life’s end, two becomes one,
and spirit continues, just as the sun, continues to soar, high in the sky,
as birds fly,
electric eel I feel you, electric eel so strong,
the foundation of life you are, an energy like none,
be in control of thought,
be positive at every chance, be one with nature,
don’t lose life’s chance, chance to live in abundance, in happiness and wealth, what is wealth,
it is freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of choice, freedom in happiness, freedom in joy,
don’t run from your electric eel, feel it each day,
welcome it into life, allow it to stay,
and positive energy will never fade, sand under my feet,
sun on my skin, oceans white wash, your life shall begin,
the moment you change mindset, is the moment you change life,
be one with nature, one with all,
and get to know your electric eel, for it is your,
it is your foundation, it is your intuition,
it is your soul,

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it is the energy beneath your feet, it is what makes you who you are, listen, don’t ignore,
the whispers of your soul,
and when negative thought comes floating by, blow it away before it gets to close,
for happiness is what life is, and through positive energy, and positive thought,
we feel bliss,
we feel complete, we are at the peak,
the peak of life’s greatest joys,
when we conquer negative thought, that energy sits at our feet,
and we stand in defeat, and complete control,
of our mind, body and soul.

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