Do You Manifest Compulsive Behaviors?

By Ann: Many times you can give up an addiction and believe you have fixed it. You will not do ‘this’ again and years can go by, and you have not done drinking, smoking, gambling, or being a person’s pleasure. This goes for any addictions since they all stem from a compulsive behavior.

Narcissists do not even see their behavior. Have you had a friend that is so nice and then they turn on you? Often, you want to blame that friend, but you must look at your own behavior as well. We all need to take responsibility for our actions. People do not do things to you because they want to hurt you, often the case is they do not even know why they are venting on you. Take for instance, someone with bipolar, people can have this mental disorder for years and not know it, until they get help and with right treatment that it can be managed.


But do not confuse Narcissist with bipolar, those are two different behaviors. I am a strong believer you need to do research on behavior and not jump to conclusions. With the right care and support with any addiction, you can break free from this, but you always never lose your sight believing it cannot happen again to you. When an alcoholic goes out for dinner, they even must check the food sauces to make sure there is no alcohol in the food, this will trigger their addictions and compulsive behavior to drink again. It is like you say, “I will have one cigarette” and you take up smoking even though you have given it up for years, The first thing is to not fool yourself. You have choices and free will, I am a behavior therapist as well as a psychic. I have helped many people in this lifetime.

Working with them to understand why things happen. Even being needy with a man or having high expectations is a behavior problem. Have you ever wanted to go on a diet and lose weight, and you beat yourself up because you feel you cannot achieve this? You can but you have to know how, so many things you would have tried, and the last resort is surgery. Because you think you have failed. It does not matter what tools you use to maintain happiness within oneself. You can do anything once you make up your mind this is important enough.

Being a nutritionist, I also found people used their compulsive behavior to eat more because they could not lose the weight. We have people have so many struggles in life and you do not need to go through this alone. I am here to help you find the solution what is right for you. Then we go into the love addiction this is also a behavior problem. You wait for things to happen and then you get down because it does not happen in the time frame you want this to happen in. There is not any accurate time I have been a psychic for 50 years, a long time. It is not easy being a psychic when you have people who have expectations, believing I know everything, well, let me say I do not know the Angels know how to fix the behaviors and how to help people I am guided by them.

There is no way I would rely on my own thoughts to give you a reading, The Angels are there for you and they guide who I speak to, I just want to point out it does not matter what country you are in we are all suffering the same things in life. I lost my 13 year old dog named Jazz, and he was my best friend, it is the same as losing a loved one. I could have used my behavior to vent on people, but I trusted enough the Angels have him and of course he is in a good place. 

Be expressive and let the person know that you love them and understand what you are feeling, and I am here for you. What we need in these troubled times is support. Try not to judge someone for their addictions. You may not have their addictions, but you need to put yourself in their shoes to understand.


Love and Light,


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