Do You Listen To Your Head Or Your Heart?

By Ann: Not listening to your heart can lead to regret. Listening to your head can lead to success. Do you follow intuition or rational thought? Cognition vs. emotion, which do you choose? A ship has a wheel and rudder, which both are used to steer where you want to go, and you cannot have one without the other. We need to educate the mind and heart together to steer our lives.  

You might have a high IQ and be very intelligent and academic, but without feelings and compassion you are like a rudderless ship. Head people are more logical and colder and heart people are more intuitive and warmer. 


The head involves logic, education, knowledge and memory and the heart involves love, kindness, affection for example. Your brain and heart are both organs. Your heart is a pump to push your blood around your body. Your brain controls your body, including your heart.  Fear, anger and love pumps adrenaline to our heart, which accelerates our heartbeat. Technically, our heart does not think or feel this all happens in our brain. Our feelings and emotions can speed up our heart rate and we feel it through our nervous system. 

So, to follow your heart is not literally the same as thinking with your gut feelings is not literal. It just means you get heart and stomach flutters due to thought processes. The heart is a metaphor for emotions and intuition. For example, we say someone has a heart of gold, wears their heart on their sleeve, or a heart of stone. We might say someone is hard-headed, soft in the head, or mindless. These sayings are not literal. The heart and brain work together and send messages to each other.  

Our emotions have a domino effect on our heart rhythms which can affect our ability to think clearly, and our emotions can cause a calm heart or a stressful heart from signals in the brain which can lead to heart strain and other health problems. We need to read our body and monitor our heart rhythms to look after our overall health. So, we can conclude that our heart symbolizes our emotions and happiness looks after our head and heart. Looking after yourself means what you feed your body and mind through food and what you see, read and hear.  You are what you eat and what you eat, and drink today, walk and talk tomorrow.  

If you eat rubbish and read rubbish, you will get sick physically, mentally and emotionally. Overall, it is good to use logic and tune into your emotions. Thoughts can lead you astray or serve you with wisdom and protect you and emotions can lead you to adventures and pursue your passions. To be a well-rounded, balanced person, it is best to use your head and heart together and if you are not sure, take a step back and rest and breathe and think about the consequences before your actions. The key here is to think if any situation is real or am I feeling from my heart I want this to happen. Or my head I have found with people when they say they love this person so much and they must wait to get it. They give up along the way, so it was not love at all.

When we lose a loved one we cry from the heart because we will never see them again, this only happens for a short time until your logical thinking comes in believing you will see them again. When you fall in love, make sure your heart and your head is in the emotion. Then you have balance.


Love and Light,


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