Do you have doubt in your relationship?

How? How can I stop feeling this doubt I hold within me? How Can I when it it feels as though it is part of me, as though it is glued to my bones, how am I to just remove this doubt, how is this possible? Two words. THOUGHT and CHANGE. These two words are the key to no longer feeling the way you do. It starts with a simple mind shift, by consciously telling yourself. Okay, today is the day now is the time, I am no longer going to hold onto this doubt, it has no room in my life anymore, does it bring me happiness? NO, Does it bring me Joy? NO. Without it will that bring me Joy and Happiness? YES. You must tell yourself and remind yourself why you have no room for doubt, You must tell yourself and remind yourself that happiness and Joy is what you strive to feel. Continue to tell yourself these, the more you consciously remind yourself these things the more your mind/thought shifts and the more you do it the more solid this thought/mind shift becomes, till eventually it is set in stone and you are the happy person you have always wanted to be FREE from the trap of doubt.

Now I know its easier saying this then doing, but instead of doing what you are doing right now­ yes I can hear you thinking “I can’t do it, Its just too hard” Its not possible for me, I wish i could” “I don’t believe this” This my dear readers, is the exact type of thought we want towork towards not being. We want belief in ourselves and in others. And most of the time with losing doubt comes hard work, but this in turn pays off with a life of happiness, of flowing positive energy and strong love and connection. So instead of thinking WAY too much into how hard it is to get this change, to get this amazing relationship, man or woman. You must not put as much thought into it, be simple minded­ sometimes this is key! Be Simple minded, know what you want, tell yourself why, and with this make the decision to change how you feel and think. Its as simple as that. Give it a go? even better succeed in giving it a go!

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I will tell you a story of an old client and friend I use to read for on a regular basis many years ago. There was a woman lets call her Angela. Angela has been married for 10 years to her Husband Tom. Angela felt as though Tom no longer loved her or cared, they were always finding themselves arguing over the silliest things, and Angela Felt the distance between them, there were many things causing this with a combination of stress and lack of understanding between them they drifted. Angela Began to worry, she began to believe that
he no longer truly loved her and that there was another woman. She doubted the future of her and Tom, And because of this became a very sad and depressed woman. What I could see through my abilities was that Tom indeed had no other woman, he loved her more then anything in this world, but he felt as though he could not talk to her, and he felt as though he needed space to himself. Angela through Toms Actions thought the worst had happened. This Doubt, came very close to being the cause of the end of Their marriage and Love. Through some change in thought, along with alot of hard work Angela changed her mind set,meditation helped her with this. She changed her thought pattern and suddenly become more positive, the light started flowing back into her life, with this it all became clear. Tom and his love for her could now be seen, and their distance started to mend and become closer.Their marriage was suddenly better than it had ever been before. All through the Shift in Angelas thought. Its as simple as that and if Angela can do it to change her life and happiness, you
can to! Its as simple as that.

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Farrah xx

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